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A day in the life of a smart vacation rental

If there were one single truth about the vacation rental market, it would be that customer delight is king. But, the needs and desires of Gen-Z renters are constantly growing and diversifying. What is a novelty today, will soon become a standard tomorrow.  In its continuous quest to deliver better guest experiences, the industry has adopted many new technology solutions…

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5 reasons why smart pool control is making a splash this summer

Summer 2021 is on everyone’s mind. And guests eyeing vacation rental properties will be keen to beat the season’s soaring temperatures with a refreshing swim in your temperature-controlled swimming pool. It stands to reason that this might be a good time for short-term rental owners to consider an intelligent pool control solution. At PointCentral we love looking at ways in…

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The heat is on: Why you should invest in a smart HVAC system for your vacation rental this summer

Summer has arrived. And the rental bookings are in. You’ve cleaned the decking, made the beds, and checked all the safety systems. You’re ready for summer guests to arrive. Or, are you? What about your HVAC system?  When planning for the summer rush, be sure to spare a thought for your guests’ in-room comfort.  Setting-up an intelligent HVAC system will…

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PMS Partner Spotlight: A Conversation With Streamline 3rd Party Relationship Manager Mike Norde

We’re proud of our integration with leading property management systems. Our partners use the PointCentral offering to provide a fully integrated solution powering an integrated smart home experience. This month we spoke with Mike Norde, Third Party Relationship Manager and Sr. Marketing Specialist at Streamline to find out more about Streamline’s software services, how they’re using smart home automation, and…

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3 Essential Steps for Starting a Property Management Business

Starting a Property Management Business

If you’re thinking about starting a property management business, you might be entirely new to the game — and that’s intimidating. However, a little clarity on the basics of starting a property management company can ease your anxiety and start your business off on the right foot. With that in mind, let’s explore three first steps and some interesting, smart…

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Will Work-From-Home Trends Last? How Multifamily Home Developers Should Be Prepared

work from home rental amenities

At the peak of the pandemic, up to 44% percent of employees in the U.S. were working from home. The sudden shift from office cubicles to Zoom conferences left normally busy commuter lines and bustling downtown districts temporarily deserted. However, with the vaccine rollout, returning to the office is on the menu again. Some employees welcome this, but not all…

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Property manager spotlight: An interview with Laik at Village Realty

At PointCentral, we provide technologies that make running your vacation rental business easier, keep homeowners happy, and enhance your guests’ experiences. We’re lucky to have some outstanding property managers on board.  This month, we spoke with Laik at Village Realty to find out more about the business and how smart property technology is helping them save time and delight guests. …

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Celebrating smart home tech and innovation with two big wins

We’re feeling particularly smart today.  Before you ask, here’s why: PointCentral was recently honored with two prestigious industry awards, in the smart home tech category. And, we’re only 6 months into the year! In a competitive smart home tech marketplace, it takes a special type of industry leader (read: PointCentral) to innovate and change the way property owners and managers…

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School’s out: A guide to getting your property ready for a family-friendly vacation

Families have been eagerly awaiting the longest break of the school year, especially as it is hoped that summer 2021 will bring a decrease in COVID infection rates. This means demand for child-friendly vacation rentals.  But, the question is, how can you tailor your vacation rental experience to the needs of Gen-Z travelers, who are increasingly taking the lead on…

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Should I Hire A Property Manager Or DIY The Rental Process?

should I hire a property manager

When asking yourself, “Should I hire a property manager?” consider all factors. After all, buying investment properties is one thing; managing your properties is another entirely. It may be tempting to consider taking on the role of property manager for your rental property to keep costs down. However, it’s also important to consider what you gain in convenience by working…

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