Property Automation

Why You Really Need Property Automation for Your Vacation Rentals


Many renters and homeowners still view property automation as a “luxury.” However, this technology is quickly becoming the norm. Furthermore, if you own vacation rental properties and you want to stay competitive in your industry, smart home automation is a business necessity. Indeed, as a vacation rental owner, smart home automation will boost the safety and security of your properties,…

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How to Design a Smart Apartment That Works

In a competitive marketplace, rentals with smart technology are more attractive because renters want their living spaces to make their lives better. Smart apartments help add new capabilities and benefits to ordinary apartments, so they’re quickly becoming the preference for many renters. Landlords and property managers are finding that, because smart home technology is becoming an integral part of everyone’s…

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Average Cost Saving from Smart Home Technology

Our ancestors never worried about their electric bills donning their 10-gallon hats and tightening their corsets. In fact, it wasn’t until 1925, that even half of Americans had electricity in their homes. Now, electricity is a modern necessity and it’s extremely expensive. High electricity bills cause families a lot of stress—and divorce-inducing drama. Dad yells, “Shut that refrigerator door!” Mom…

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Property Managers Remain Competitive with Smart Apartments

smart apartment property management

Property managers who offer smart apartment technology have a better chance of attracting and retaining new residents. Since many people already use virtual personal assistants such as Alexa, they expect their residences to be technologically advanced as well. Property managers need to employ apartment home automation in order to remain competitive in the real estate rental market. Energy Savings Tenants…

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6 Smart Property Management Solutions

smart property management tools

Property managers have a challenging role serving a variety of duties for both property owners and tenants. One way to make tasks a bit easier for property managers is to rely on smart property management—or tech-enabled property management tools that allow for more convenient and efficient communication and problem resolution. Here are 7 automated solutions for property management that can…

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7 Helpful Property Management Tools

Whether you manage a single property or oversee hundreds of units, property management involves a lot of moving parts. Here are seven property management tools you can use to become more effective in your efforts. Software That Streamlines Business Activities Property managers wear many hats, so any resources that can automate some of the daily workload are worthwhile. There are…

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