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We’re feeling particularly smart today. 

Before you ask, here’s why: PointCentral was recently honored with two prestigious industry awards, in the smart home tech category.

And, we’re only 6 months into the year!

In a competitive smart home tech marketplace, it takes a special type of industry leader (read: PointCentral) to innovate and change the way property owners and managers view vacation rental automation. 

For this and more, we were recently honored with The Shortyz 2021 and VRMB’s Keystone Awards 2021.

A little background on why we’re so thrilled

PointCentral has been instrumental in revolutionizing the smart home industry, creating enterprise-level tech solutions that help vacation rental managers remotely control smart devices on the property.

So we were honored to be named Best Home Automation Solution at the recent Shortyz 2021 Award ceremony. Think of it as the ‘Oscars of the short-term rental industry’. What sweetens the win is that we were declared winners by a panel of short-term rental market leaders and by public vote. 

And we’re in good company as some of the other winners are Check-in London (Best corporate accommodation booking channel), PriceLabs (Best ancillary services provider) and MadeComfy (Best OTA).

PointCentral also won in the Smart Home Automation category at VRMB’s Keystone Awards. And we couldn’t be prouder, considering the award is touted as one of the most respected vacation rental software recognitions. Some of the other 2021 winners are (insurance category), Transparent (market data tools category), Touch Stay (guidebook category).

These recent wins only reinforce our drive to innovate and do more in the short-term rental industry. 

The importance of awards in the industry

2020-21 has been a hard year for travel and tourism, with stay-at-home orders in place. Yet, the vacation rental industry has risen to the occasion and adapted to a contactless world with creative solutions. Sector-specific process, business model and product innovations have only increased. Specifically, it’s interesting to see how property managers are jumping onto the automation tech bandwagon to stay ahead of the game.  

In the midst of all this, awards that recognise achievements in the professional short-term rental space further motivate the sector to continue offering best-in-class guest and property manager experiences. It not only rewards disruptive thinking and the spirit of innovation, but also offers a reason for celebration and cheer. 

Also, think of the public exposure that brands receive from awards, as an opportunity for them to start conversations about industry best practices and innovations.

Ultimately, it acts as a testament to the professionalization of the industry, propelling all the players into a bright future.

100% credit to the PointCentral squad

We work hard, as a team, to really ‘step it up’ for our customers.

When PointCentral receives awards it’s testimony to our team’s steadfast focus on property automation innovation and offering the best possible smart home experience.

So, for everyone who has been part of our journey thus far, a humble thank you. We couldn’t have made it without such a talented, driven and dedicated crew.

We’re so honored to be selected for these awards, and we’re excited to spearhead a smart home renaissance that will make life so much easier for vacation rental owners and managers around the world.