Noise Monitoring for Short-Term Rentals

Safeguard your business and be a great neighbor.

Monitor indoor noise levels with the privacy-safe Smart Noise Monitor™ that’s fully integrated with the PointCentral property automation platform.

Grant L | CTO of Creekwood Vacations
“Very easy to install and add to properties. Straightforward monitoring and detailed without being confusing. We love that they plug into the outlet.”

Stay Ahead With Manager Alerts

Proactively address excessive noise with manager alerts and check in with your guests before things escalate to complaints, party damage, or fines.

Have Data to Back You Up

Remotely view real-time and historical noise activity to resolve noise complaints and protect your business.

Save With A Reliable, Hassle-Free Device

Plug in and protect with an easy installation. Save time and labor with more reliable connectivity that uses Z-Wave and cellular communication.

Operate Efficiently From A Single Platform

Make your day-to-day operations easier with one place to login and control your property tech—including smart locks, thermostats, sensors and now, noise monitoring. PointCentral is purpose-built for professional property managers.

How It Works

Step 1

Plug in and pair with your hub

Step 2

Set up noise level thresholds and notifications

Step 3

Receive alerts when thresholds are exceeded