Keyless Access
November 10, 2017

The Real Cost of Mechanical Keys

Mechanical keys can create several burdens and severe risks for property managers. Between losing, breaking, or misplacing them temporarily, the issues that can arise from the usage of mechanical keys are many, which can mean they’re not as cost-efficient as one might think. On average, it costs $1 to $4 to copy a key—not bad, right? However, if a key…
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Smart Home Control
November 7, 2017

Stop Mold Before it Starts with PointCentral’s Smart Thermostat

Mold can happen anywhere, but there is one place you don’t want to find it - inside buildings. As a part of the fungi family, mold thrives in wet, damp environments. Buildings present the ideal environment for mold to flourish as moisture can become easily trapped behind walls, under carpets, and inside ductwork. While mold is a problem that should…
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Who is PointCentral?
October 12, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About PointCentral

PointCentral provides Smart Home solutions that allow you to control energy and access to your property from any desktop or mobile device. What does this mean? Well, it means a few things. A solution for property owners, property managers, guests and tenants If you’re a property owner, you can ensure energy isn’t being consumed when a property is vacant. If…
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Home Automation
September 22, 2017

PointCentral Integrates With Amazon Echo and Google Home Voice Assistants

After a long day of driving to your family’s favorite lake destination for a weekend trip, you pull into your vacation rental late at night. Your arms are full of luggage as you make your way to through the front door. Now, you say “Google, turn on the living room lights,” and the PointCentral system easily illuminates the space. With…
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Competitive DifferentiationHospitalityHotelizationInternet of ThingsTechnology Adoption
December 17, 2015

The Internet of Things is Changing the Hospitality Industry [Operations & Customer Experience Lead the IoT Charge]

In our last post, we discussed how the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the business world - connected devices offer a BIG impact on enterprise operations. Related Post: The Internet of Things is Changing How We Work It is great to see the amazing progress smart, connected devices offer the business world. But PointCentral has a keen focus on a couple specific…
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Internet of ThingsTechnology Adoption
November 20, 2015

Smart Home, Internet of Things Hit the Mainstream [Professional Sports, Pop Icon & the GIANT Economic Impact]

A few weeks ago I shared a post discussing the mass appeal of the Internet of Things (IoT): Internet of Things (IoT) Racing Towards Mass Appeal I chatted about the NFL using "wearable" chips in equipment to offer real time stats from the field, and shared an "idea adoption" diagram from Seth Godin... As Seth explains... hen enough people with…
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CellularInternet of ThingsTechnology AdoptionWiFi vs. Cellular
November 18, 2015

Enterprises Move to Cellular for Smart Home & Internet of Things

Below is a laundry list  of previous posts discussing the benefits of cellular smart home control vs. WiFi/internet systems. Especially for enterprises. Today, we'll take a look at the growing trend AT&T is seeing in enterprise smart home/internet of things (IoT) deployment. Cellular-First for Enterprise Internet of Things AT&T's Vice President responsible for their industrial IoT organization recently offered an…
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Commercial Property AutomationGrowthHome AutomationInternet of ThingsPointCentralProfessional GradeSmart Home ControlTechnology AdoptionVacation Rental 2.0
November 6, 2015

The Smart Home Wave & Vacation Rental Management [Risks, Rewards & Action]

Smart Tech Is In The House There is a significant technology trend impacting the vacation rental market – the adoption of Smart Home technologies by homeowners and Vacation Rental Managers (VRMs). This blog tends to focus on nuances of this trend, but let's step back and take a high-level view of this fast-paced trend; growth in the sector, the benefits and risks…
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OperationsVacation RentalVacation Rental 2.0
October 6, 2015

VRM Emergency Preparation: Save Valuable Time & Resources with Smart Home Control

Emergency preparation is never easy. Tensions are high, and resources are low. Time is short, and the to-do list is long. Whether it's flooding out west, snow in the mountains, or hurricanes on the east coast, we can all relate to the threats Mother Nature can send our way. Emergency prep takes center stage. Securing your home and making sure…
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Technology AdoptionUncategorized
September 22, 2015

Internet of Things (IoT) Racing Towards Mass Appeal [As Explained by Seth Godin & the NFL]

Do you know Seth Godin? If not, here's a treat for you. If you only read one blog, Mr. Godin is the one. Short. To the point. Chock full of real-world experience and cutting-edge insights. Subscribe. You'll thank me. How about the NFL (as in the National Football League)? Ever heard of those lads? What do Seth, the NFL and…
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