How MDUs Can Embrace the Rising Popularity of Smart Buildings Technology

smart buildings technology

The continued interest in smart homes shows no signs of losing momentum even as the pandemic recedes. Renters and buyers alike have embraced the opportunity to live in connected environments that support the remote working lifestyle. This is just the beginning. Next in line for an upgrade to smart home technologies is the entire building. Find out how property developers…

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Will Work-From-Home Trends Last? How Multifamily Home Developers Should Be Prepared

work from home rental amenities

At the peak of the pandemic, up to 44% percent of employees in the U.S. were working from home. The sudden shift from office cubicles to Zoom conferences left normally busy commuter lines and bustling downtown districts temporarily deserted. However, with the vaccine rollout, returning to the office is on the menu again. Some employees welcome this, but not all…

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What History Tells Us About Rental Market Trends in the Years After a Pandemic

rental market trends after a pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of life. Home and work situations, in particular, have been thrown into total disarray with restrictions in mobility and extended suspensions of offices forcing businesses to adopt remote work setups or enforce job cuts. The rollercoaster of rental market trends during the height of the pandemic reflected the greater economic upheaval suffered by…

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6 Unique Apartment Amenities That Are Quickly Becoming Mainstays

unique apartment amenities

As multifamily homes and multipurpose apartment complexes continue to claim space in urban and suburban cities, developers are getting creative with amenities. The number of these properties is increasing, and so are renters’ expectations and standards when choosing where to live. More and more, residents are happy to pay for convenience and will choose their new home accordingly. If you’re…

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A Look at the Multifamily Housing Industry From Coast to Coast

multifamily housing industry from coast to coast

From Roman tenements to modern-day living complexes, the multifamily housing industry has always been a way to balance supply and demand in the housing market. Instead of tenements, we now see multi-family housing as a myriad of dwelling solutions: duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, townhomes, multi-story apartment buildings, high-rise apartments and condominiums.  With the present economic and population changes, multifamily housing can…

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Are the ‘Burbs’ Making a Comeback? Why Multifamily Housing is Expanding in Suburban Areas

multifamily housing trends in suburb cities

Things may look a little different than they did at its peak in the ’80s, but suburban life is making a strong comeback. Families are consolidating while seeking the lower prices and ease of suburbia. Cohabitating is trending away from urban housing prices on a large scale — and it’s not just among post-college career builders. The 2020 pandemic created…

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What Are Long-Term Rental Residents Looking for in 2021?


Who could have predicted the challenges of 2020? COVID-19 wreaked havoc on our bodies, minds, wallets and even our living circumstances. Some Americans took the leap to purchase their first homes because they wanted more space for living and working during the lockdowns. Others had to move in with friends or family members because they lost their jobs and could…

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How Technology Is Improving the Efficiency of the Multifamily Housing Businesses

multifamily homes and technology

Success in the multifamily home real estate industry hinges upon your ability to achieve optimum occupancy levels, reduce loss, make your operations more cost-effective. To achieve these goals, marketing and operations are two of the most critical areas where your business needs to excel – and it’s in these areas where tech-forward property businesses win a significant leg up on…

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