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Here at PointCentral, there are many different sides to our business, all contributing to the smooth running of operations. 

Recently we caught up with Gardner Fiveash, our Senior Product Manager, to discuss the creative process involved in developing our smart home products. Here we’re exploring the importance of supporting our partners with Juliet McDonald, one of our eLearning Developers. 

What does a typical day look like for an eLearning Developer at PointCentral?

Each day is different depending on the scope of my projects. But most days start with touching base with other Partner and Customer Education team members. During this morning debrief, we discuss any projects we are working on and share updates on any knowledge gaps or training needs highlighted from discussions with other PointCentral employees. 

I then often meet with subject matter experts to complete needs assessments. Prior to these meetings, I invest time in becoming a “mini expert” in their area of expertise, and post-assessment I apply these learnings to the design and development process. 

The majority of my time around these other engagements is spent writing course learning objectives, creating course outlines, and developing interactive eLearning courses.

Could you tell us a little about your career history, for example, what is your background in technology?

Before joining PointCentral, I worked as a teacher and instructional specialist for a local school district. I began my career as a classroom teacher but transitioned to a role focused on creating and leading professional development. I instructed teachers on how to develop curriculums that had strong instructional frameworks. During 2020 and 2021, I helped teachers move their content to digital learning platforms and supported digital instruction by creating digital learning resources.

You have extensive experience in training instructional design, how does this apply to your current role at PointCentral?

As the instructional content designer and developer, I use my background in instructional design to create training and educational resources that address any knowledge gaps that might be impacting our customer’s ability to use our products and solutions. 

I work with the other Partner and Customer Education Team members to determine how those knowledge gaps affect specific business goals. And then, using my knowledge of instructional theory I decide what types of materials would best address those gaps.

What does the process of training PointCentral’s partners look like and why is this an essential part of operations?

Training PointCentral’s partners is a company-wide effort. We collaborate with other teams to learn about our customers’ challenges as they utilize our products and solutions. We make site visits to examine how customers are working with our products. We collect data on support calls and assess whether customers are using our resources. We then review this information to determine if there are any knowledge gaps and if so which specific training program or solution would be able to address those needs. 

“Training is an essential part of the operation because it boosts our partner’s confidence in using the PointCentral solution”


Training is an essential part of the operation because it boosts our partner’s confidence in using the PointCentral solution, helps with customer onboarding, and cuts down on customer service and support calls.

Do you have any predictions for the future development of technology within hospitality? And do you see any barriers or challenges to this innovation?

The pandemic highlighted the popularity of contactless services, like Self-Guided Tours and keyless entry, and I think these trends will be around for the long term. I predict we will continue to see an increase in the demand for solutions that give renters autonomy over their smart home devices. 

A potential challenge could be accommodating customers who are uncertain about the benefits of this technology, but this is where providing users with quality training resources can help build customer confidence.

In your opinion, based on your close working relationships with PointCentral’s partners, how vital is it for property managers to stay up-to-date with technology trends?

Property managers are busy, and we want them to spend their time using tools that help make their jobs easier. Property managers interact daily with smart home solutions, so it’s imperative that they feel comfortable utilizing the technology. 

If we can provide property managers with training on how up-to-date solutions can enhance their business, they can confidently support their residents or guests.