Upgrade your community with smart rental automation to streamline your operations by eliminating keys and reducing energy costs. Protect your assets with proactive maintenance notifications and provide residents a smart home experience they can control with a single app.

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From an ROI perspective, Smart Home has been incredibly lucrative for us. The costs are lower than our renovations and don’t require anywhere near the management resources. Plus, with Smart Home, our vacancy loss is zero. We can offer Smart Home to any resident at any time without having to wait for their lease to end and can wait until the unit is rented before installing. We make money and improve operations. It’s really amazing!”

Sean Landsberg
Vice President of Operations at Dasmen

Six story building front view
pointcentral dashboard


Transform your business with our enterprise smart property technology platform, offering software that delivers unmatched reliability and exceptional performance.

Paired with best-in-class hardware, our solution ensures efficient operations, optimized workflows, asset protection, and an enhanced resident experience. Schedule a demo today!

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