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The right smart home system is expertly designed to make essential home functions, such as home access, security, thermostat control, and lighting control, fully automated, and more efficient. Home life becomes more convenient, secure, and operational costs are minimized when you choose the right smart home systems. 

While home automation is supposed to make life easier, installing a smart home system sometimes requires more than just downloading a new app and connecting all your smart devices to a computer or smartphone. When the home still utilizes certain analog devices, such as a telephone-based intercom, integrating these into the smart home system means removing the existing hardware and installing a new one, or upgrading the existing hardware by retrofitting a digital component/accessory. 

For multi-family residential properties that have gone the smart home route but are still stuck with a telephone-based intercom, PointCentral’s Connected Retro solution makes upgrading to a smart intercom simpler and much more affordable. 

How Does PointCentral’s Connected Retro Solution Work?

Connected Retro is a retrofit solution that upgrades an existing telephone-based intercom system to a connected intercom without adding or replacing hardware. Instead of spending more time and money to buy and install new hardware, users can enjoy a near-immediate upgrade from analog to digital. Within minutes Connected Retro’s retrofit solution has you effortlessly upgraded and updated.

When the upgrade is completed, the resident can immediately access their intercom through the PointCentral app and make use of any of the following tools:

  • Create and assign smart keys (i.e., access codes) for guests, the housekeeper, the dog walker, or delivery personnel, and schedule temporary home access for them. 
  • Send entry instructions with the unit number and smart key via email directly from the app.
  • Receive email notifications when a smart key is used. 
  • Revoke, revise, or deactivate smart keys at any time. 
  • View the history of smart key usage details in the app for up to 60-days. Details include name, assigned smart key, and date and time stamps. 

The resident no longer has to coordinate delivery schedules, when the dog walker can pick up and bring home their pet, or the most convenient time for them to receive their guest. They can simply provide temporary smart keys to every visitor and let their upgraded intercom system do the rest.  

When the visitor arrives, they simply input the unit number into the upgraded intercom and then enter their assigned smart key or access code. The automated answering system confirms the access code and buzzes them in. The resident can keep track of all these scheduled comings and goings in real-time or review the data later. 

Learn More About PointCentral’s Connected Retro Solution

Connected Retro is part of PointCentral’s Connected Intercom Initiative, which integrates different systems and enhances user management through their greater Curb-to-Couch solution. It’s a simple and affordable option to upgrade a telephone-based intercom system into a connected intercom without adding or replacing hardware. Connected Retro makes managing guest access remotely when the resident is away from their home, more convenient and secure. 

Connected Retro is initially compatible with the DoorKing intercom system and will soon be compatible with other popular telephone-based intercom systems.


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