Competitive Differentiation

The Internet of Things is Changing the Hospitality Industry [Operations & Customer Experience Lead the IoT Charge]

In our last post, we discussed how the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the business world – connected devices offer a BIG impact on enterprise operations. Related Post: The Internet of Things is Changing How We Work [Big Business Leads the IoT Charge] It is great to see the amazing progress smart, connected devices offer the business world. But PointCentral has a…

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The Smart Home Advantage: Keep Your Vacation Rental Homes with Smart Home Control

I worked in the vacation rental trenches for almost five years. During my VRM tenure, my focus was marketing. As every VRM knows, marketing means guests AND the elusive homeowners. The marketing strategy for guests can be relatively straight-forward – blog, ads, Google adWords, etc. The marketing strategy for homeowners is a completely different ball game. How do you reach…

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Smart Home as Competitive Differentiation for Vacation Rentals [Hobbs Realty Promotes Inventory-Wide Smart Home Installation with New Billboard]

In a previous post, I discussed the value of innovation from the perspective of the Harvard Business Review. Harvard Business Review: Take a Chance on Technology Innovation! It’s Worth the Risk. Here’s a quick reminder… By their nature, businesses tend to avoid risk. Once something “works,” we have a tendency stay the course. We stop looking for those awesome “hacks”…

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