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Among the many tasks that occupy a property manager’s day, there’s one responsibility that stands out above the others: Access Control. If your facility uses physical keys, someone needs to manage the process of cutting new keys and retooling locks every time a resident loses a key, vacates a unit, or suffers a break-in. Keycards and key fobs are a little bit more convenient, but these systems are also complicated to manage because someone must issue new cards or fobs, enter them into the system, and assign them to specific individuals. 

In most large-scale property management operations, tasks related to access control – like distributing keys, key cards, and key fobs – are daily events that disrupt productivity and interfere with the ability to complete other business-essential tasks. This access control management responsibility becomes increasingly tedious when you’re managing a large multi-family complex, gated community, or an expansive portfolio of properties. Fortunately, you can eliminate a lot of your access control hassles with PointCentral’s new Curb-to-Couch universal access system. Curb-to-Couch is the ultimate solution for streamlining access control when you’re struggling to keep up with a large-scale rental property portfolio. 

What Is Curb-to-Couch?

Curb-to-Couch is an access control system that helps multifamilyand gated communities automate virtually every aspect of granting and revoking access to their facilities and individual units. Curb-to-Couch uses smart digital keys that give residents, guests, staff, and maintenance personnel unique access permissions to a gated neighborhood, apartment complex grounds, common areas, lobbies, recreational areas, elevators, and individual units and homes – from the curb, all the way to the couch inside individual units. Whether your existing access control solution relies on smartphones, key fobs, keycards, biometric scanners, or pin codes, Curb-to-Couch is flexible enough to work with virtually any electronic key strategy. 

After implementing this technology, your residents, guests, maintenance personnel, and vendors will be able to conveniently enter and exit secured entry points with any kind of smart key. Your residents and their guests will love the convenience, but the real people who benefit from Curb-to-Couch technology are property managers. 

Here are some Curb-to-Couch advantages for property managers:

  • Remote control from anywhere: Remotely grant or revoke access to anyone no matter where you are with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet. 
  • Automated property management: Automate access control by integrating Curb-to-Couch with your existing property management system (PMS) software.
  • Track entries and exits: Keep a detailed record of guest entry occurrences of who is entering and exiting your properties and when. This can include delivery personnel (FedEx, DoorDash etc.), and visitors to the property that do not have full access (dog walkers, cleaners, prospective residents etc.)  
  • Save time & money: Dramatically reduce costs related to access control by eliminating the need to cut new keys and retool manual locks. Giving your property/maintenance staff more productivity and no more time spent on “key fishing”. 
  • Stay clean and practice social distancing during COVID-19: Reduce unsanitary contact with shared surfaces and unnecessary contact with others to promote better hygiene and social distancing during pandemic situations. 
  • Eliminate travel time and travel costs: Eliminate the travel time and labor costs required to meet maintenance personnel on-site and save time by giving prospective renters the option to conduct self-guided tours. 
  • Stay safe and increase security: Boost security, reduce the chance of theft, and circumvent “porch pirates” by enabling keyless deliveries.
  • Reduce crime: Diminish the possibility of keys getting into the wrong hands. If a keycard, smartphone, key fob, or pin code gets stolen, lost, or falls into the wrong hands, property managers can immediately revoke access for the device. 
  • Boost control: Instantly revoke access to anyone for any reason if something changes and they should not be able to enter and exit your facility. 

Unmatched Time-Saving, Operational Efficiency, and Safety with Self-Guided Property Tours

How many times a week do you or one of your staff members need to appear for an in-person meeting to show a unit – when there’s no telling whether the time spent will result in a profitable transaction or signed lease arrangement. These meetings take up a considerable amount of time from your day; they represent a safety risk to you and your staff when meeting unknown parties at a remote location; and during pandemic situations, you and your staff face the risk of unintentional virus transmission. You can eliminate this wasted time and unnecessary labor costs, protect yourself and your staff, and stay safe from COVID-19 by enabling Unattended Showings through Curb-to-Couch. 

As we noted in a recent whitepaper on remote access control and digital keys:

“In a fully automated setting, potential tenants don’t have to meet – or interact at all – with leasing agents. Instead, they schedule a tour on a property showing website, get a digital key, and access the property on their own. The showing staff gets a notification when the prospective resident arrives, and the prospect receives an optional survey. This method saves prospects time and property owners money.”

From a time-saving and operational efficiency perspective, Curb-to-Couch is an innovative access solution that helps you get more done during the day by eliminating unnecessary tasks, reducing labor costs, and making access control easier on your property management staff and residents.  

Learn More About Curb-to-Couch with PointCentral Now!

Curb-to-Couch is a fully-integrated solution that allows you to build an automated and remote access control into your existing property management system. Whether you already have a keyless system in place – or you’d like to build one from scratch – Curb-to-Couch from PointCentral empowers large-scale property managers to achieve new levels of efficiency and cost savings. Want to learn more about Curb-to-Couch and how it can boost your productivity to the next level? Contact the PointCentral team for a free demo now!