The Benefits of a Home Security System from PointCentral


We can’t feel completely safe in a world where crime and robberies happen every day, but we can dramatically increase safety and peace of mind with an advanced home security system.  PointCentral’s home security systems work in conjunction with your entire home automation plan for reliable security, video surveillance and 24/7 monitoring—both inside and outside of your residence. Since PointCentral’s…

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Why Property Automation Can Actually Keep Residents and Property Owners Safe

Property Owner Safety

Property automation provides a number of benefits for the property manager. Through smart home technology, you can give access to residents, maintenance personnel and real estate agents any time, without being on the property. You get real-time updates on who enters the property and valuable data to help your business while providing tenants with a smart home amenity. But the…

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Why Millennials are Looking for Properties with Smart Technology

Older generations lambast millennials for being “lazy” and “self-entitled,” but these are hasty generalizations that simply aren’t true. Evidence shows that millennials are conservative with their money, environmentally conscious and–as “digital natives”—they’re technologically savvy. This helps them see the wisdom of smart home technology like no one else. In fact, the needs and perspectives of millennials, combined with the reality…

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Why You Should Consider Video Cameras and Self-Monitored Home Security

Man installs self monitored security camera

Imagine coming home to discover a broken window and your house an absolute wreck. A thief has taken everything of value and the rest is in ruins. Even more disturbing, however, is the psychological effect of not knowing who did it and wondering if they’ll return. An internet-connected home surveillance system with self-monitoring could prevent a situation like this from…

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5 Benefits of Keyless Door Locks

keyless door lock

If you manage a property, there are many steps you can take to make running the property easier for yourself and more convenient for guests. One of those steps is installing a keyless door lock. Keyless door locks can either function as locks that open with a code typed on a keypad, or they can be WiFi enabled and opened…

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Smart Home Security Devices You Can Trust

Smart Home Security

It’s tempting to choose clever or high-performing equipment for smart home security, but trust and reliability are essential. When your home is unattended, and even more so when it’s occupied by people you care about, you want the features, networking and monitoring to be exactly what you expected. A quality home security system has also become a selling point for…

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Hotel Group Pushes “Public Safety Tool” to Battle Airbnb in New York City [How Will This Affect ALL Vacation Rentals?]

In early May I discussed the hotel industry’s plan to go on the offensive with vacation rentals: Hotel Industry Going on the Offensive with Vacation Rentals? Safety & Security a Top Concern. Last week I shared the news that Airbnb has adopted smart home control for their rentals, and in that post I mentioned a New Yorker article that highlights…

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Airbnb Partners with Google’s Nest to Push Vacation Rentals Towards Energy Efficiency and Smart Home Control

It’s a challenge to define Airbnb. The growth is fast, and the impact on the travel industry is widespread. Cities across the US are trying to define and regulate this travel giant ($10B valuation). Here’s an interesting piece in the New Yorker about the love/hate relationship Airbnb struggles with in NYC. Very interesting commentary on the background and growth of…

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