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Have you ever left your home before going on vacation and suddenly thought, did I turn off the coffee maker? Or, maybe you left the thermostat cranked to the max and you’ll come home to an exorbitant electricity bill. Even if you’ve battened down the hatches, you’ll still worry about the possibility of a break-in. 

Fortunately, smart home security can help. Let’s look at how smart home security can keep your home safe when you’re not there to protect it.


Lock and Unlock Your Doors Whether You’re Home or Not

One of the most convenient features of smart home technology is the way you can lock and unlock doors—including your garage door—when you’re not actually on your property. This comes in handy if you want to grant access to a repairman or service person while you’re at work. It’s also useful if you get a twinge of doubt regarding whether you remembered to lock all the doors after leaving for vacation. 

At PointCentral, we use smart locks from in our home automation designs. These locks send an automatic notice to your mobile phone if you accidentally leave them unlocked. Also, when you need to grant access to a dog walker or housekeeper, you can give them a personalized code. That way, you’ll know exactly who is coming and going, and when.


Monitor Your Residence With Video Surveillance

Another source of worry while traveling is that you can’t be certain what’s going on in your home. If you can relate, you’re not alone.  A 2016 Harris Poll showed that 81 percent of Americans want remote access to their home security systems while they’re away. With the home automation systems from PointCentral, we give you full access to your home security system by smartphone, tablet or laptop. This allows you to check whether any of your security systems have been breached—and you’ll receive a notification if something goes awry. 

Not only that, but if you have a bad feeling and want to check on your home, our systems can be equipped with remote-video monitoring using an home surveillance system. These systems let you change the angle of view, zoom in and zoom out for complete surveillance coverage. 


Trick Burglars Into Thinking You Never Left the House!

Programming smart routines that simulate occupancy in your home is another way to protect your home. Your smart home automation system can turn lights on and off, and even open and close the blinds at specific times, to make it look like you never left the house. Simulating occupancy with a smart home routine could dissuade burglars to search for a better target. 


Keep Tabs on Your HVAC System

The chances are slim, but if your HVAC system breaks down when you’re on vacation, a relatively inexpensive problem could blow up into something serious. With a smart HVAC system from PointCentral, however, you’ll get a notice on your smartphone if it’s not functioning properly. You can also monitor internal temperatures and adjust the thermostat remotely to keep your residence at optimum temperatures.

If there’s a problem, you can call a maintenance person to check on your HVAC system and repair it. Best of all, you can do everything from your smartphone. Grant the maintenance person access to your home—even monitor his activities via live video surveillance from your mobile digital device.


PointCentral Smart Home Automation: Helping You Fall in Love with Your Home Again

At PointCentral, we know that smart home automation technology offers tremendous safety and convenience to those who know how to use it, eliminating virtually all sources of worry when you’re traveling. 

If you want your home or rental properties to be safer when you’re not close enough to watch over them, contact our team to learn how a PointCentral smart security and home automation system can make your life easier.