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A core difference between us and other home automation providers is that we are designed from the ground up as an enterprise-scale tool for property managers, allowing one person to manage thousands of homes.

Our Features

Cellular Reliability

The PointCentral Enterprise Smart Home Solution does not require local internet connectivity. Instead, each property receives a cellular communication gateway supporting Verizon, AT&T, & T-Mobile.

Complete Installation

Experienced security installers and fully licensed and insured technicians are available across the U.S. Experience the great benefits of Keyless Smart Home Solutions without interrupting your daily operations.

Enterprise Control

Monitor and control access and temperature for every property from one cloud-based dashboard with one login.

Mobile Ready

Access the PointCentral Enterprise Smart Home Solution from any web-enabled device to control access, energy & security.

Cloud-Based Software

Our cloud-based software offers the flexibility to access the system from any web-enabled device. In addition, the cloud allows for continual development and easy updates.

Business Intelligence

PointCentral keyless Smart Home solutions offer property intelligence that has been out of reach of most hospitality providers. You can now leverage technology to gain key business insights and make better, more informed decisions.


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