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Jeremy Hillpot

Tips for Cutting Winter Energy Consumption

Are your fingers going numb from the cold while checking your phone in your living room? Can you see your breath while eating cornflakes in the morning? If you turned off the heat because of a ridiculously high electric bill, you’re paying more than you should be. It’s time to optimize your energy consumption with some winter energy-saving tips. The…

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Why You Should Consider Video Cameras and Self-Monitored Home Security

Man installs self monitored security camera

Imagine coming home to discover a broken window and your house an absolute wreck. A thief has taken everything of value and the rest is in ruins. Even more disturbing, however, is the psychological effect of not knowing who did it and wondering if they’ll return. An internet-connected home surveillance system with self-monitoring could prevent a situation like this from…

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How an Automated Smart Thermostat Can Slash Your Electricity Bill

smart thermostat

Twenty years ago, the idea of “smart home automation”—i.e., a home that automatically adjusts climate control and music for individual visitors in every room—sounded like the home of the future. And indeed, it was… In 1997, U.S. News amazed readers when it showcased the Star Trek-like technology featured in Bill Gates’ home, “Xanadu.” Guests at the Xanadu complex wore computerized…

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