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It’s a standard feature on nearly all automobiles, so how come your rental properties don’t have a keyless entry system? Ditching the key in favor of an electronic keypad entry system from PointCentral offers tremendous advantages to tenants from the standpoint of security and convenience—making your properties more attractive to renters.

After reviewing the benefits of going keyless, we think you’ll agree that installing a keyless entry system in every property you manage is the “smart” thing to do.


Going Keyless Offers Better Security

When multiple people live in your rental homes, their family and friends could be coming and going, and there’s no way to ensure that their keys won’t get into the wrong hands. If you’re managing long-term home or apartment leases, your tenants will make multiple copies of their keys—and those keys could get lost or stolen, which creates a security risk.

But what if you get rid of the keys and give tenants access through an electronic keypad? There’s no more danger of keys falling into the wrong hands. Plus, when you need to boost security, with PointCentral’s home automation systems, you can change the access code instantly with a touch of a button from your PointCentral smartphone app.


Keyless Entry Systems Are Mistake-Proof: No More Losing or Forgetting Keys!

As a property manager, one of your jobs is to help tenants who have inadvertently locked themselves out and can’t get inside their homes. It doesn’t matter if a locked-out tenant calls at 3 p.m. or 3 a.m., the property manager needs to dispatch someone to save the day—or call for a locksmith. 

You can avoid the hassle of locked-out tenants with a keyless entry system. For one, tenants won’t lose their keys anymore. Secondly, if they forget the key code, you can resolve the situation by texting it to them—all without the extra time and expense of involving a locksmith! 


Tenants Can Grant and Revoke Access from Anywhere

With the keyless access systems from PointCentral, tenants can grant and revoke access to anyone, no matter where they are—all from the PointCentral app:

  • Tenants no longer need to meet visiting guests and friends in person to grant access to their homes.
  • Tenants can give friends, service personnel, or cleaning people temporary access to their homes or access at specific times.

If you’d like to see the convenience of PointCentral keyless entry system, here’s a video from one of our customers instructing tenants how to use their keyless smart locks.

At the end of the day, remote access control and keyless entry from PointCentral saves tenants the time they spend letting people in and out of their homes while boosting security and convenience, which makes your units more attractive to prospective renters.


Contact PointCentral to Learn About Our Keyless Entry Systems Now

After understanding the benefits of keyless entry, most property managers and tenants will have a hard time resisting the convenience and safety of this technology. To learn more about PointCentral’s automation solutions for property managers—which include keyless entry, smart thermostat HVAC control, smart home security and more—request a demo from PointCentral now. We’re excited to hear from you!