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If you want to save money on your energy bill, there’s a sure-fire way to do it—take a cold, hard look at the efficiency of the HVAC system.

A detailed analysis by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) revealed that—on average—just over half (51%) of residential America’s electricity bill is spent on heating and cooling.


When you consider that the average American is spending about $200 a month on energy, it’s easy to imagine the savings you can get by simply turning off the HVAC and going au naturel. It would cut your electricity bill in half. 

But who wants to sweat through the summers and shiver through the winters? Nobody! Instead of suffering, a smart HVAC control systems to dramatically reduce total energy costs. 

As the central component of a smart HVAC control system, smart thermostats come standard in PointCentral’s home automation designs. By connecting to the PointCentral control hub, our smart thermostats provide a number of benefits:


Better and More Efficient Thermostat Control 

PointCentral home automation systems use smart thermostats for energy-efficient heating and cooling throughout the day

    • Program heating and cooling time schedules: It’s easy to program smart thermostats with a heating and cooling schedule that reflects your daily routines. Have the thermostat kick on with heating or cooling when you wake up in the morning. Then have it scale back after you leave for work, and turn back on again just before you come home
    • Thermostat notifications to your smart device: Keep track of thermostat settings and receive a notification on your smart device if someone makes an adjustment to the thermostat while you’re not home.



Autonomous Monitoring and Controlling of Humidity

High humidity levels can destroy your home, its contents and cause life-threating health problems—especially if mold and mildew take root. That’s why it’s essential to keep your HVAC system running at levels capable of removing humidity—while you’re in it and while you’re away for long periods of time. 

PointCentral smart HVAC control systems monitor humidity levels and adjust the thermostat to prevent mildew as soon as humidity levels threaten the safety of your health and belongings.


Save Money on Your Heating/Cooling Bill

A PointCentral smart HVAC control system saves you money on electricity every year. Energy Star has confirmed that PointCentral’s HVAC control systems will save you between 9% and 16% on heating costs, and between 15% and 23% on cooling costs in all of your units under management. This typically translates to $20 to $30 in savings on your energy bill per month!


Contact PointCentral to Learn More About Smart HVAC Control

If you’d like to know how to equip your property with a smart HVAC control system, contact the PointCentral team today.