Unattended Showings

Enable prospective residents to schedule self-tours using a code that keeps all access secure and accountable.

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Say Goodbye to Keys in a Lockboxes.
Say Hello to Convenient Self-Tours.

Looking for a way to increase showing hours, shorten vacancy periods, save money and impress prospective residents? Unattended Showings is the ideal leasing solution for property managers looking to offer the latest technology. Unattended Showings allows a prospective resident to schedule a self-showing on their own time and tour at their own pace using a temporary, unique digital smart key that keeps all access secure and accountable.

When a prospective resident schedules an Unattended Showing tour they receive a temporary and unique lock code, which requires no app download or registration. This lock code lets a prospective resident self-guide a tour of the property on their own time and at their own pace, while allowing on-site staff to not have to deal with lost lockbox keys, closed office hours or lost time due to no-shows . The prospective resident enjoys the convenience of self-touring while you stay in the know with notifications and reporting for actionable follow-ups. With our connected intercom and access control solutions, we can also offer complete curb-to-couch unattended showings that allow prospective residents to get through front doors and into common areas still using a single code!

How Unattended Showings Work

Set up and control self-tours in the same platform you rely on for streamlined property automation

Step 1

Sets up and manage your Unattended Showing account from the PointCentral customer website

Unattended Showing - Step1

Step 2

Enable Unattended Showings links on your property page

Unattended Showing - Step2

Step 3

Prospective resident finds a property online and schedules a self-guided tour via the Unattended Showing link

Unattended Showing - Step3

Step 4

The prospective resident receives a confirmation text with a temporary digital smart key to access the property (no app required). A notification is sent to the property manager or builder letting them know it is being viewed

Unattended Showing - Step4

Step 5

When the tour is complete, the temporary digital smart key is deleted and another notification is sent to the property manager, allowing them to follow up with the prospective resident

Unattended Showing - Step5

Who We Integrate With

We are proud to integrate with these software partners to offer comprehensive self-guided tour solutions.

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