We can’t feel completely safe in a world where crime and robberies happen every day, but we can dramatically increase safety and peace of mind with an advanced home security system. 

PointCentral’s home security systems work in conjunction with your entire home automation plan for reliable security, video surveillance and 24/7 monitoring—both inside and outside of your residence. Since PointCentral’s home automation hub and smartphone app are how we achieve the highest level of residential security for our clients, let’s take a closer look at this technology.


Better Home Security With a Smart Home Control Hub

The “center point” of every PointCentral smart home design is the home automation hub. This is the “brain” that integrates and controls all the components of your smart home system—including your home security system. Not only that, but you can connect to the PointCentral home automation hub—and monitor and control your home—via the PointCentral smartphone app (we talk more about the app later). 


Our automation hub connects to these smart home elements:

  • Audio/video setups
  • Home security systems
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Smart locks
  • Television and projection systems
  • Lighting (indoor or outdoor)
  • HVAC systems
  • Garage doors
  • Water heaters


The automation hub communicates with these devices via wired or wireless connections. With a PointCentral system, most—if not all—of your devices, including your home security systems, will be wireless.

From a security perspective, a home automation hub is ideal because you can connect to it from anywhere:

  • Watch what’s going on. Open the PointCentral app on your phone and look at the live and recorded video feeds from the indoor and outdoor security cameras—often that’s enough to provide the peace of mind you need. 
  • Take action if necessary. Call 911 and dispatch police immediately, whether you’re at work or dining in a restaurant. 


The PointCentral Smart Home App

The PointCentral Smart Home app puts complete control of your home and its security at your fingertips. The app lets you control lighting, entertainment, HVAC and other systems while you’re inside or outside your home. More importantly, it gives you greater control and monitoring when it comes to security. 


Here’s how the PointCentral smartphone app brings immediate convenience, peace of mind and security: 

  • Lock and unlock doors, including garage doors, remotely. 
  • Receive alerts when someone opens or unlocks the door. 
  • Check video surveillance to see who is inside or outside your home; even check earlier, recorded video.
  • Receive an alert—and voice/video access—to communicate with or monitor someone who rings your front doorbell. 
  • Check to ensure your doors are locked.
  • Provide a temporary access code to visitors or service people, and set it to expire after a specific amount of time. 
  • Receive a notice when your kids get home. 


Indoor and Outdoor Security Combined

The interior of your residence is not the only area you need to protect. Your automated home security system should protect the inside and outside of your residence. That’s why the home automation hubs from PointCentral connect to both indoor and outdoor security systems. Here are two ways this can help:

  • Know when someone trespasses on your property: Receive an instant alert to check your outdoor video surveillance cameras when a new video clip is recorded—all from your PointCentral Smart Home app. 
  • Know when someone breaks into your home: Similarly, you’ll receive alerts when any of the many sensors are triggered, alerting you of a broken or open window or an open door, so you can check your indoor home security cameras.  


With all of the security sensors and cameras that connect to a PointCentral home automation system, you will have the ultimate in-home security—giving you: (1) tremendous peace of mind when you’re worried your home is in danger; and (2) the ability to contact authorities immediately if something suspicious occurs. 


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