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Maintaining security and enhancing resident satisfaction are extremely important to all multifamily property managers. Video doorbells, once a novelty, have now become a crucial tool in their security tech stack. According to recent data 20% of households in America now have a video doorbell device, an increase of 16% in six years,  not only to boost security but to also streamline communication and operations.

Here are three benefits of integrating smart video doorbell technology into multifamily properties:

1. Enhanced Security and Surveillance

The most obvious and immediate benefit of video doorbells is the enhanced security they provide. These devices act as the first line of defense, allowing residents to see and communicate with visitors without opening the door. Video doorbells are equipped with high-definition cameras and night vision, ensuring clear footage around the clock. They also include motion detection capabilities, which can alert residents to suspicious activity even before the bell is rung. This feature is particularly valuable in preventing potential break-ins and monitoring areas of large complexes that have less traffic.

2. Improved Resident Convenience and Satisfaction

Video doorbells contribute significantly to resident convenience, a key factor in their satisfaction and retention rates. Residents can now answer the door remotely via their smartphones, which can be particularly beneficial for those who are not at home and need to let in family members who don’t have their keys, or to grant access to their cleaner or dog walker. This functionality also simplifies the process of receiving packages, as residents can communicate with delivery drivers directly, allowing them to drop the parcel inside the front door to reduce the chances of missed deliveries or theft.

3. Standing out from the crowd

Multifamily property managers can also set their communities apart from others with the installation of video doorbells. 83% of multifamily residents in units with smart devices report they are satisfied or highly satisfied with their building. Comparatively, only 66% of multifamily residents in units without smart home devices report similar satisfaction rates. The integration of smart home technology offers a distinctive way to differentiate multifamily communities from the competition. The video doorbell is one of the first devices a potential resident may see when viewing a property, setting a great first impression before they even enter the unit.

Implementing Video Doorbells

Integrating video doorbells into a multifamily property involves careful consideration of privacy and legal implications. It is important to ensure that the installation of these devices complies with local laws and regulations regarding surveillance and data protection. Clear communication with residents about how these systems work and how their data is handled will help in gaining their trust.

Video doorbells offer multifamily property managers a tool that significantly enhances property security, improves resident satisfaction, and streamlines operations. As technology continues to advance, the potential for these devices in property management will only increase. Adopting this tech will ensure properties are offering the expected property technology that residents are looking for.

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