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Smart video doorbells have been growing in popularity over recent years, with 20% of US households owning one. Residential homes have been quick to adopt smart video doorbell technology and it’s a feature that many multifamily residents want fitted to their properties to ensure that their homes have an added level of security.

For multifamily property managers, this device presents itself as another useful tool that can help with access and privacy, along with improving resident relations.’s Video Doorbells are specifically created with resident privacy in mind. Below we’ll explain what our doorbells can offer and how they benefit residents.

How Smart Video Doorbells Improve Resident Satisfaction

Seamless integration with existing solutions

The majority of smart video doorbells, such as those from, seamlessly integrate with technology already in place. This ensures swift and straightforward installations, particularly with the VDB770 and VDB750 that integrate directly with the PointCentral platform. An additional benefit is that all data collected by the video doorbell is securely stored on the PointCentral platform.

Multifamily residents can conveniently control various property functions from the doorbell call screen, including unlocking or locking doors, adjusting lights and activating security systems. This centralization of controls allows residents to maintain their daily routines without concern for their property’s security.

Instant and increased awareness

Residents have the capability to instantly access live video or initiate automatic recording when the doorbell is pressed or motion is sensed. The mobile-optimized interface allows residents to view the video feed from their phones, providing enhanced convenience and the ability to control their front door virtually.

Video Analytics facilitate automatic recording, with a people detection feature reducing false alerts. This feature also notifies residents of any presence at their door, even without doorbell activation, thereby alerting them to potential visitors or intruders.

Security solution day and night

Increasing security is the main priority of smart video doorbells. With HD resolution and two-way audio capability, residents can have confidence over who is outside their property. The VDB770 and VDB750 include HDR and infrared night vision allowing for clear visibility at all times of day and night. Communication with visitors is made easy through the audio, which can also be accessed via mobile.

Residents will want to be assured that their data is collected and stored securely, and PointCentral’s solution is built with this in mind. Residents will enroll the doorbell to their own account when moving into a property. Upon moving out, PointCentral will automatically delete all of the video clips, ensuring personal information remains secure.

Caters for extreme temperatures

Extreme weather can pose significant challenges for both property managers and residents, particularly with video doorbells as there aren’t many on the market that perform in these conditions. Fortunately, the VDB750 is designed to combat extreme temperatures, meaning residents won’t have to compromise security based on where they live.

The VDB750 can operate within an impressive range of temperatures. From lows of -58°F to highs of 122°F, residents living in the freezing areas of Minnesota or the blistering heats of Death Valley in California can both enjoy the added security the doorbell brings.

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