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What is your favorite restaurant & where is it?

Fireside Foundry Pizza in Richfield MN. It used to be just a pizza place only. They renovated it and built a nice bar and new menu, but the pizza recipe is still the same as always from when I was a kid. It’s amazing and highly recommended if you are ever in Minnesota.

Tell us about your journey at and PointCentral?

I have been with and PointCentral since 2015 so you may need to get comfortable. I kicked off my journey in’s CORE Support office, leading a front-line support team. I then moved into leading our VBU support team as well and this was my first exposure to PointCentral.  

After helping build many organizational revisions and contributing to our “Best in the World” (BITW) culture, I was promoted to Channel Support Manager which oversaw multiple departments. After about six years, an exciting opportunity arose to join the PointCentral team. I was immediately interested not just because of the role itself and the new challenges it would bring, but also the chance to make a real difference on a rapidly growing team, much like when I started with CORE.  

After careful consideration of all options, I decided to jump in and became the Sr. Operations Manager for PointCentral where I would oversee all sales, technical, and any other operational responsibility. The growth I experienced in this role has been amazing, and I have learned from so many smart and wonderful people to allow me to evolve as an individual both professionally and beyond. I am now the Director of Technical and Business Operations. I cannot thank the individuals enough for their support and guidance over the years, which has allowed me to be in the position I am in today!

Describe your team’s mission?

To be the central hub for all PointCentral departments by establishing and maintaining consistent and sustainable processes, organization of all resources, and clear transparency among all stakeholders to create a foundation of operational efficiency and sustainable growth.

What makes PointCentral’s culture special?

What impresses me about PointCentral is our “get things done” attitude. From our early startup days to now, this spirit hasn’t changed. Being surrounded by such intelligent, driven people is something you cannot take for granted and must appreciate, which I do very much. Our culture is special because of what everyone brings to the table daily and more importantly how we collaborate and support one another no matter the challenge.

What are you most excited about at PointCentral right now?

PointCentral is in a position to really make an impact on the multifamily space in 2024. Our platform is robust and reliable, our team is firing on all cylinders, and we are just growing the right way and you can somehow feel that. At the end of the day, with the group of people we have here at PointCentral, I believe there is no limit to what we can achieve, and that is what excites me most, endless possibilities.

You are passionate about career mentorship. What advice would you give to someone who is looking for a mentor?

I am very passionate about personal and professional growth for myself and others. If there is anyone I have interacted with (or even not) at any point in my career, I would be willing to help them no matter where they are as I believe where someone works should not define them or limit communication. 

If you are looking for a mentor, look for someone who has as much (or more) investment in seeing you succeed, but is also able to have candid genuine conversations with you so you can get to the root of whatever you are trying to learn, adjust, or grow from without the added ‘fluff’. A mentor can be an amazing experience if you find the right person and know you do not need to limit yourself to only one depending on what you are trying to get out of it. Overall, if you are seeking advice or guidance at any point to better yourself, you are doing it right. And most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

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