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As a multifamily manager, the security and safety of your residents are paramount – but we know that extreme weather conditions can pose significant challenges. From overheated doorbells in extreme temperatures to frozen cameras in icy climates, many security solutions on the market simply aren’t cut out to handle harsh temperatures, leaving residents and units vulnerable to potential risks.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the ADC-VDB750 Video Doorbell, developed by and offered by PointCentral. This cutting-edge video doorbell can withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring property managers never have to worry about compromising security due to weather conditions again.

Our video doorbell will be available to customers that experience the freezing cold in regions such as Alaska, Minnesota and North Dakota, as well as those at the other end of the spectrum, seeing searing heat such as California, Arizona and Nevada.

Unmatched temperature resilience

The ADC-VDB750 Video Doorbell is a true performer, operating in a remarkable temperature range from a bone-chilling -58°F to a scorching 122°F (-50°C to 50°C). Whether multifamily units are located in the freezing cold of International Falls, Minnesota (-16.7°F), or the blistering heat of Death Valley, California (117.6°F), this video doorbell thrives in all weather conditions.

For those frigid winters in International Falls, where temperatures can plunge to freezing levels, rest assured that our video doorbell will continue to operate reliably, ensuring uninterrupted security for your residents. Similarly, in scorching summers like those in Phoenix, Arizona, where temperatures can reach record-breaking highs of 112.2 °F, this video doorbell remains steadfast in its surveillance capabilities, providing consistent security coverage throughout the year.

In addition to its temperature resilience, our video doorbell is also equipped with advanced features like infrared night vision, two-way communication, people detection, and call screen actions. This ensures comprehensive security coverage and enhances convenience for residents, allowing them to identify and interact with visitors easily, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions.

Protecting property investments

Investing in video doorbells that can withstand extreme temperatures goes beyond resident safety; it’s also about safeguarding a property investment. The durability and weather resistance of the VDB750 ensures that your security solutions remain functional and effective for an extended period. This translates to fewer replacements and repairs, saving managers valuable time and money on maintenance.

By reducing wear and tear from temperature fluctuations, our video doorbell offers a cost-effective and long-lasting security solution. Property managers can trust that their investment will endure the test of time and remain reliable, even in-harsh weather conditions.

Differentiating a multifamily community

Our video doorbell solution not only enhances security but also offers property managers a unique opportunity to set their communities apart. According to the NMHC/Grace Hill Renter Preferences Survey Report, a significant 64% of respondents expressed interest in rental homes equipped with a video doorbell at their doorstep. Even more impressively, these respondents were willing to pay an additional $35.64 in monthly rent for this added feature.

Property managers can tap into this growing demand for enhanced security and convenience among renters by incorporating our video doorbell solution into their properties. It becomes a distinguishing feature that attracts potential tenants, and encourages current residents to renew their leases. The presence of a video doorbell not only bolsters the appeal of the community but also provides an added layer of comfort and peace of mind for residents – in any weather.

Investing in a video doorbell that can withstand extreme temperatures is a wise long-term investment for multifamily managers. With PointCentral’s ADC-VDB750, property managers can confidently provide unrivaled security and convenience to their residents, regardless of weather conditions.

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