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The past few years has seen a significant increase in the adoption of smart security devices, with as many as 45 million households in the US now owning a video doorbell.

Based on a recent study, the smart doorbell market is expected to experience significant growth, with projections indicating an increase of over 30% in the next six years.

Managers of build-to-rent properties are responding to modern day renters who are increasingly drawn to properties equipped with this latest technology. The installation of smart property technology, such as video doorbells, not only makes build-to-rents more desirable, but can lead to higher revenue as residents are prepared to pay more for smart amenities.

As well as giving residents the convenience of being able to see who is at their front door by simply looking at their phone, video doorbells offer peace of mind that their home is more secure.

Here are the top 5 ways that the video doorbell improves security for build-to-rent properties:

1. Deterrent to would-be intruders

The physical presence of a video doorbell can deter burglars or intruders, as they know they are being recorded.

2. Video recording

Video doorbells record footage that is invaluable for identifying individuals and can be used as evidence if a crime takes place. A live view video feed can be accessed from the app and clips can be recorded automatically if motion is sensed or the doorbell is pressed.

3. Two-way communication

Residents can have two-way conversations through their video doorbell at any time of the day or night. With a mobile optimized HD display, visitors can be seen in full screen portrait mode for a clear conversation. This means the identity of visitors can be easily verified without opening the door, upholding the security of the home.

4. Real-time alerts

The video doorbell will alert residents with a notification if someone is at their door even if they don’t ring the bell. Video analytics can spot the difference between important events and other activity in real time, and filter video alerts according to your preferences.

5. Interact with other devices

As well as disarming security systems and locking and unlocking doors, video doorbells can interact with other smart home devices, giving residents control directly from the doorbell call screen.

For build-to-rent property managers, video doorbell technology not only enhances the appeal of their properties, but aligns their portfolio with modern resident’s expectations for smart and secure living environments. Video doorbells improve the safety and security of a build-to-rent while also contributing to a sense of community and well-being among residents.