Smart Home Solutions

for the Smart Enterprise

PointCentral provides Smart Home solutions that enable vacation rental and residential property managers to remotely control energy and access to ALL their properties from their desktop or mobile device.

Cut your energy spend, eliminate keys, track access and receive important property information – from a system that is easy to implement and easy on your budget.

Why PointCentral?

Automatically monitors and controls thermostat temperature

Saves 10% to 20% energy costs annually

Automatically monitors and controls property access

Improves guest and homeowner security

Provides real-time property intelligence

Reduces risks associated with mechanical keys

Reduces operational costs

Increases guest/tenant satisfaction

Our Partners and Associations

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Why Vacation Rentals Need to Be Keyless

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Are Your Vacation Rental Guests Damaging Your HVAC Systems? Here’s How to Prevent It With Home Automation

People use their HVAC systems conservatively when they’re at home. But when they’re at your vacation rental, it’s another story. All that HVAC conservativism goes flying out the window! Giving your guests free reign over the thermostat in your vacation rental is a recipe for high energy bills, broken HVAC equipment and a touch of regret. Fortunately, with home automation,…