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Property automation provides a number of benefits for the property manager. Through smart home technology, you can give access to residents, maintenance personnel and real estate agents any time, without being on the property. You get real-time updates on who enters the property and valuable data to help your business while providing tenants with a smart home amenity.

But the most useful benefit of smart home automation is the enhanced security that will give your rental property an edge over competitors.

Smart Home Technology Improves Security

Over 2.5 million homes are burgled in the U.S. every year. A burglary occurs every 13 seconds, and those are just the crimes that get reported. Sixty-five percent of break-ins occur during the day when homes are less likely to be occupied, and 60% of thefts occur in residential areas where there is less traffic and homes aren’t visible from the street.

Installing a smart home automation system means you won’t be relying on occupants to lock your properties. Instead, as a property manager, you can rest assured that your properties are automatically locked whenever tenants leave so your property is secure and less likely to become a target for criminals.

No Lost or Stolen Keys

Keys can be copied, stolen and lost, which leaves your property vulnerable. With smart technology, you no longer need keys. That means that you and your tenants can gain hands-free access using mobile devices to gain entry to the property. When your tenants approach the door, smart technology uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or a cellular connection to detect their registered device and unlock the door.

This kind of smart tech helps you give property access to people without having to be onsite yourself, and also provides you a real-time record of everyone who enters the property, allowing you to seamlessly manage thousands of properties.

Data Security

With smart home technology, your software and data are based on the cloud which means you benefit from a hardened cloud architecture that is protected against the kinds of hacking threats that in-house servers can pose. Cloud-based systems automatically update, so your system is always current to keep you secure from online threats. Cellular-based systems guarantee that your security system is always online, even when a house’s internet goes down, offering you and your tenants better security.

Monitored Security

Theft and vandalism can result in costly repairs for property managers and ancillary income loss when facilities like laundromats are damaged. With video surveillance, perpetrators can be identified, and police can gain access to security footage from within their patrol cars, while the crimes are happening. This offers added security to tenants and property managers.