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Many property managers are watching the rise of smart home technology with suspicion. They’re wondering if smart HVAC systems really help preserve the lifespans of equipment, and if smart property automation can really do what it claims, in terms of saving time and boosting efficiency.


The truth is, smart property automation is transforming the way property managers do their jobs, while saving tremendous amounts of time and money in the process. However, to get the most of this cutting-edge technology, property managers need to ensure they have implemented these best practices.


Make Sure Your Smart Locks Are Reliable and Secure

Smart lock systems eliminate the hassles and costs of distributing keys and replacing compromised locks. In fact, they allow property managers to grant and revoke access to anyone without needing to be physically present. However, there are a lot of cheap, unreliable smart locks on the market, so it’s essential that property managers select the safest, most reliable ones for the job.


The smart locks we use at PointCentral are special in this regard, with our proprietary Z-wave cellular network. This technology bypasses the inconsistencies and security risks posed by smart locks that rely on traditional Wi-Fi signals. In addition, our locks are equipped with backup codes, so they work even in the event of a signal outage. This makes our locks among the safest and most reliable in the business.


Develop a Smart Home System for Scheduling and Vendor Management

If you are managing a large portfolio of properties, you know that—in addition to showing properties and marketing units to potential tenants—much of your day is spent scheduling vendors, meeting with maintenance personnel and making sure they’ve done a good job. This is key to keeping properties in good repair and turning them over quickly after a tenant departs.


With PointCentral’s smart property management systems, you have the power to:


  • Remotely give access to vendors and maintenance personnel so you don’t have to drive across town to meet them.
  • Verify the amount of time they spent working at the property.
  • Build accountability into your maintenance scheduling.
  • Track costs associated with specific types of work orders, properties, units and service providers.
  • Receive notifications as soon as vendors or maintenance people leave a property. This way, you can tell the next vender the property is ready.


The fact that you can do all of these tasks remotely—from the other side of the world if you want—is one of the primary reasons property managers are choosing to go “smart” with PointCentral.


Monitor HVAC Equipment and Potential Problems

A broken HVAC system, whether it needs repair or replacement, represents a considerable expense. That’s why it’s important to preserve the lifespan of all of the HVAC systems in your rental units. The best ways to preserve your HVAC systems are by:


  • Implementing controls that prevent residents from abusing the systems.
  • Receiving alerts as soon as something is amiss with the HVAC equipment, so you can repair the problem before it becomes a more expensive situation.


PointCentral smart thermostats and smart HVAC systems help you achieve this by:


  • Programming thermostats with high-low limitations to prevent HVAC abuse.
  • Programming smart thermostats to turn off the HVAC units if residents leave the doors and windows ajar.
  • Scheduling units to re-set their thermostats to energy-saving mode at specific intervals during the day.
  • Receiving real-time analytics that tell you the temperature in each of your units, so you can make thermostat adjustments remotely when necessary.
  • Receiving instant notifications when HVAC units require maintenance.


Automate Much of Your Property Management Responsibilities

Once you have your rental property procedures in place, a well-programmed property automation solution can relieve you of the continual time commitment required to make sure your team members carry out their responsibilities. For example, you can program a system of automatic notifications to your team that orchestrates the process of guest checkout, cleanings after guests depart, property inspections and new guest check-ins.

Here’s an excellent illustration that shows how PointCentral automates your property management responsibilities:




Transform Your Rental Property Business with Smart Automation

Smart technology is finding its way into every facet of society, including the rental property industry. To learn more about how smart property automation can help you and your team do their jobs more efficiently, contact PointCentral for a free consultation.