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Your property portfolio is unique, and a cookie-cutter solution is never going to be the right fit for you. What you need is a property automation system that is tailored to your needs, so you can effectively manage all your properties and provide tenants with added security and a resident amenity that puts you ahead of competitors. Studies show millennials and baby boomers will pay up to 20% more for properties that offer home automation, but knowing which system is right for your portfolio requires some business savvy.

Your smart property should provide real-time data that can help you manage your properties and keep them safe. Choose one that provides remote control of HVAC, so you save energy and provide a more eco-friendly property to prospective tenants.


Choose a system that doesn’t rely on local internet connectivity. No matter where you live, the internet will go down and that could leave your property vulnerable. Broadband internet can be unreliable and the US has one of the slowest broadband speeds in the developed world. With systems like the PointCentral, cellular connectivity ensures your system stays online even when the internet is down.

As a property manager, automation through smart technology can help you manage thousands of properties effectively. You can provide access to real estate agents, service personnel and tenants instantly no matter where you are in the world.

Use a Proven Solution

Smart technology is the future, so many new startups are offering technology that is cutting edge. Innovation helps to move property automation along, but many of these technologies are unproven in the field and don’t have sound business backing. As a property manager, the security of your tenants and property requires tried and trusted companies that are able to offer the support and service you need.

Ensure your property automation provider is capable of installing your new system with minimal disruption at each of your properties. The provider must provide training to your staff so that the transition to the new system is seamless and doesn’t disrupt the flow of business or pose a safety risk.

Your home automation provider should regularly update its system to ensure data security and provide updates or webinars that allow you to keep abreast of the changes to your system.

Data Security

Cloud-based property automation systems avoid the expense of an onsite server. The cloud offers more robust architecture and continuous updates that make it more secure than traditional servers. Cloud-based systems automatically update, so you always have the latest software and the most secure systems available.

Find a home automation system that integrates with existing software. Ensure you are able to install the system in all your properties with minimal disruption.

Single App Access

Your smart property access system should provide tenants with a single app that is free to download. This will mean they can gain hands-free access with any web-enabled device. Their app should automatically update, allowing for continual development of the system and the collection of data securely stored in the cloud.

Bringing it All Together

With the right property automation system for your unique needs, you can automatically control thermostat settings, locks and lighting in every unit you manage. Data on tenant access can help you to provide better security. Smart thermostats offer a greener solution, and HVAC operational history can help diagnose HVAC problems when they arise. You can add water sensors to alert you to plumbing leaks before they cause damage to your properties. These features combine to offer security and control, no matter how many properties you manage.