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With smart home technologies quickly becoming the norm, innovations in CCTV technology have greatly expanded their reach and purpose. The technology has gone beyond simply recording and providing real-time video footage for surveillance and security purposes and has gone further than digital multiplexing, DVR recording, and facial detection and recognition. With the help of smart technology integration, security cameras can also act as monitoring technology. They can perform the functions of multiple devices — a video camera, an occupancy tracker, a heat mapping tool and more — to provide valuable insights about foot traffic, crowd movement and gathering. 

Providing More Than Security

In the commercial residential space, property managers can now use security cameras as a people counting and crowd monitoring system to help them improve property management and operations and consistently deliver positive experiences to their residents who appreciate the safety and security reassurance.

Smart home automation solutions can turn security cameras into a more innovative and multifunctional monitoring technology and offer property managers amazingly helpful tools for optimizing operations and services. 

People Counting Tool

  • Your property’s security cameras can be augmented with a multi-directional people counting feature that tracks real-time net total occupancy in common areas. 
  • The enhanced technology also includes an alert feature so that you’ll be notified when the occupancy in any common area reaches or exceeds its maximum capacity. 
  • The people counting feature can be set up with a motion-activated “invisible line” or “tripwire” — placed anywhere within the property — that detects and counts the number of people who cross it.
  • You can gain a better understanding of foot traffic patterns to determine the most convenient and least disruptive solutions, such as when to do repairs, maintenance activities or clean-ups. 

Crowd Monitoring System

  • A heat map feature provides a color-based visualization of densities, which indicate where and when people spend the most time. “Cool” colors indicate a sparsely dense area, while “hot” colors indicate a highly dense area. Heat mapping insights are also helpful to optimize placements of announcements, products and more. 
  • The system also monitors crowd size at any given time and in any common area, such as pools, gyms, lobbies and rooftops, to help you more effectively enforce occupancy limit rules or current social distancing rules. Identifying the busiest times in certain areas can also be helpful when determining the best time for a community event or scheduling maintenance work. 
  • Queue monitoring provides information about average wait times for residents and potential clients at the office. The insights can help decision-makers determine whether more staff is needed to improve service and efficiency and ensure resident satisfaction. 

The comings and goings of residents and guests, day in and day out, and the usual crowd activities within your property are not inconsequential. In fact, by evaluating and understanding movements and patterns through a monitoring tool, you can optimize property management operations and services and enhance your residents’ day-to-day experiences. 

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