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“Work smarter, not harder.” Very likely, you’ve heard that said before, and that’s because there is a lot of truth in it. Remote property management through smart automation and device connectivity can also make this truth a reality for property managers. With online property management tools, the job is not only more convenient but also more efficient. 

We have listed the seven must-have tools for property managers who want to remotely manage their multifamily properties.

The Benefits of Remote Property Management

Smart apartment technology redefines the phrase, “Work smarter.” Smart automation will deliver the following benefits:

  • Increased operational efficiency. Have the ability to control property access remotely and eliminate the need for physical keys. 
  • Enhanced resident experience. Pre-installed and ready-to-use smart home technology conveniently controlled via a single app appeals to most residents and potential clients. 
  • Increased safety and property awareness. Remotely monitor different home systems, such as the HVAC systems and keyless locks, to identify unusual activities and potential system issues at various properties. 

Smart Tools to Make Property Management a Breeze

1. Keyless Locks

Keyless access or smart locks will give you and/or your residents remote access control over the property. These locks can be programmed to allow entry at a specific time with a temporary access code, which is convenient for scheduling tours for potential clients. 

They can also be programmed to engage after the door automatically is closed and to alert you when somebody accesses or leaves the property. With no need for physical keys, you can simply provide renters, cleaners, maintenance personnel or even delivery services single-use pins, so you won’t need to be present when they arrive. Smart locks can also integrate with video intercom systems for enhanced security and convenience.

2. Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are energy efficient, which means significant savings on heating costs. In addition, these devices are designed to make temperature adjustments based on usage patterns, weather patterns, time of day and even the residents’ activity patterns. This means you won’t have to worry about any of your units consuming energy for heating or cooling when the renter steps out. You can also monitor and access the temperature control remotely to adjust the settings when necessary. A smart thermostat may also be considered a premium amenity and can help attract and retain renters. 

3. Smart Lighting

There’s no need for switches when you have smart lighting. Instead, you can program your lights to switch on or off at specific times. They can be motion-activated and remotely controlled using smart devices. Smart lighting helps you save on energy costs and is an environment-friendly option. Turn them on for showings, turn them off once they’re over, all without ever needing to step foot on the property.

4. Water Monitoring

Get insight into real-time water consumption data with automated water sensors, so you can monitor average and unusual water use whenever you have renters. You can also use the data to identify inefficient water appliances and water leaks, thereby saving money on water bills and reducing water waste. 

5. Virtual Tours

Virtual video tours of your rental property are time-saving and, especially during these times, safer and more practical. Setting up virtual tours can mean business-as-usual for you despite pandemic-related restrictions in your local area, as well as the valid health risk concerns of potential clients. 

Virtual tours can also help you weed out uninterested clients. Potential clients can decide whether or not they want to view the property in person after a virtual tour. This can mean a lot of time saved for both you and the clients. You will also have greater chances of attracting out-of-town clients when they can conveniently tour your property from the comfort of their own homes.

6. Security Cameras 

You can turn security cameras into a people and crowd monitoring system via easy integration with the Business Activity Analytics software. With the enhanced smart features, you can use your property’s security cameras for any of the following reasons:

  • Occupancy tracking. A multidirectional people counting tool will allow you to keep track of the total net occupancy in common areas so you can enforce occupancy limit regulations when needed. You can receive a notification when occupancy reaches or exceeds the maximum limit allowed. 
  • People counting. Install an invisible “tripwire” anywhere within the property. The invisible line counts the number of people that cross it in one direction. 
  • Heat mapping. Visualize crowd densities to identify when and where people gather the most. 
  • Crowd gathering. Monitor how many people are gathered in common areas at any given time. 
  • Queue monitoring. Measure the average wait times of residents and potential clients when they visit the office to determine if there’s adequate staff and to improve business operations and services.

Final Thoughts

Taking advantage of available smart technologies for remote property management can go a long way in increasing operational efficiency, property value and security, resident and customer satisfaction and overall savings. Most of these smart tools are easy to install and integrate with existing systems. But with PointCentral, you have access to all of these features in one convenient platform. Reach out today for a free demo.


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