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Who’s in the Single-Family Rental Market? A Look at Current Demographics and How To Attract Great Tenants

single family home rentals and renter demographics

Demographics are one of the most important considerations when seeking ideal tenants for any rental property. Single-family home rentals are booming right now, meaning investors, owners and property managers need to understand their ideal tenant for that market and know how to attract them in a highly competitive and noisy market.  Let’s take a look at the single-family home rental…

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A Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist for Property Managers

seasonal home maintenance checklist

Home maintenance is a must — regularly staying on top of the small stuff keeps your property in good working order all year round. For property managers, regular upkeep is crucial as the wear and tear of systems are subject to time, natural elements and tenant turnover. Whether you’re managing a single property, a multi-family rental, or multiple properties, a…

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What History Tells Us About Rental Market Trends in the Years After a Pandemic

rental market trends after a pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of life. Home and work situations, in particular, have been thrown into total disarray with restrictions in mobility and extended suspensions of offices forcing businesses to adopt remote work setups or enforce job cuts. The rollercoaster of rental market trends during the height of the pandemic reflected the greater economic upheaval suffered by…

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Should I Hire A Property Manager Or DIY The Rental Process?

should I hire a property manager

When asking yourself, “Should I hire a property manager?” consider all factors. After all, buying investment properties is one thing; managing your properties is another entirely. It may be tempting to consider taking on the role of property manager for your rental property to keep costs down. However, it’s also important to consider what you gain in convenience by working…

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The Single-Family Rental Market: Why Demand Is High Right Now

single family rental market

The 2021 rental property sector is still a source of optimism for property rental investors, and single-family homes are getting some time in the limelight. Outside of high-density housing, there is a larger renter base and an increase in the demand for tech-based management and smart homes. Plus, investment properties are still safer than most other investment forms right now. …

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Is It Smart to Buy a Vacation Rental Investment Property This Year?

vacation rental industry statistics

Investing in a vacation rental property can be a highly profitable venture as long as we use strategic, well-informed decision-making. “Location, location, location” is, perhaps, the gold standard when it comes to property investment enterprises. It also describes the threefold feasibility of getting into the vacation rental market. Given the pandemic-related setbacks, who is going to start renting vacation homes…

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A Look at the Multifamily Housing Industry From Coast to Coast

multifamily housing industry from coast to coast

From Roman tenements to modern-day living complexes, the multifamily housing industry has always been a way to balance supply and demand in the housing market. Instead of tenements, we now see multi-family housing as a myriad of dwelling solutions: duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, townhomes, multi-story apartment buildings, high-rise apartments and condominiums.  With the present economic and population changes, multifamily housing can…

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Are the ‘Burbs’ Making a Comeback? Why Multifamily Housing is Expanding in Suburban Areas

multifamily housing trends in suburb cities

Things may look a little different than they did at its peak in the ’80s, but suburban life is making a strong comeback. Families are consolidating while seeking the lower prices and ease of suburbia. Cohabitating is trending away from urban housing prices on a large scale — and it’s not just among post-college career builders. The 2020 pandemic created…

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The State of the Rental Market

rental market analysis

The pandemic’s short-term effects were swift and strong in 2020, leading to record-low mortgage rates and a surge of new renters who were either relocating or downsizing. As this initial shift leveled out toward the end of 2020, we’re now able to see new shifts taking hold and anticipate trends for 2021. Find out what you need to know to…

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