Smart locks are more than just a keyless entry point. They offer additional security and peace of mind many people aren’t necessarily aware of until they take a good hard look at home security. 

In fact, smart locks and keys are often considered after home security cameras and sensors, even though smart locks are less expensive and easier for homeowners to install than most other security measures. 

More than a security measure, smart locks are the front door to a smart lifestyle that eases the residents into better living, lower overall costs, and more efficient day-to-day habits.

Smart Locks As A Security Measure

The first reason most consumers seek out smart locks is for the security and peace of mind. Being able to assign a unique code to everyone who needs access to the home is invaluable. Residents can have their own code that they don’t share with anyone. That means no more having to consider who will get a copy of the house key and then wondering if they are really keeping that key secure. 

Guests, utility vendors, pet sitters, and anyone else who needs access can be given their own code. This means smart residents can track who enters their house and when. It also offers the benefit of timing. Codes can be set to expire when that person no longer needs access. 

This keyless entry also eliminates the need to place a key under the doormat (or other unsafe practices), leaving the house open to someone finding and making copies of the key to use for a break-in later. 

Smart Locks As The Beginning Of A Smart Lifestyle

There are the obvious benefits of smart locks, such as never again having to fish for keys again. And, of course, they eliminate embarrassing calls for help when someone locks themselves out of the house.

Smart locks are also a lifestyle factor. They signal to guests and family that the resident is taking precautions for their safety and that they value an efficient lifestyle. Some people concern themselves with time-consuming micro-distractions that keep them from larger successes. 

Instead, smart locks, in a small but crucial way, alleviate stress and micro-distractions that keep people from reaching their full potential. They are a meaningful value-add to a resident’s lifestyle and signal to others that this household is well-managed.

Smart Locks As A Way To Join The Revolutionary Proptech Movement

From a one-thousand foot view, smart locks are part of a bigger wave of smart home technology influence and integration. 

Every home is at risk of break-ins, but they are also at risk of cyber attacks – something property technology is increasingly able to address in ways choosing the right router simply can’t match. And there’s the lowered stress and sense of well-being that comes with living in a well-protected home. 

Beyond security, smart locks are a stepping stone to a better life. By adding smart home technology to a home, the resident is easing into more choices about their bills and budget, better control over costs, and a more efficient home that supports their preferences and habits. 

Residents can add security sensors, integrated cameras, and motion sensor lights that come with alerts. However, they can also turn off water faucets that have been left to drip just before a long trip when nobody would be home to catch the added water usage. Manage lightbulbs and outlets so you can turn off light bulbs, curling irons, and coffee makers that were left on when someone was in a hurry to leave the house. And residents can manage other utilities like HVAC that needs to be turned down while people aren’t home, but anticipate when people return home to cool things down or heat them to ideal temps just as people typically return.

Summing Up

Security starts at your front door, but so does It also offers a signal to others that this resident not only cares about security but about living a life that is largely free from micro-distractions, allowing them to pay attention to the higher-level concerns of life that really matter to them. Smart locks are also often a gateway to other security measures and technology that will lower monthly costs and match the resident’s habits for a more efficient day. 

Property technology is one of many tech innovation waves that isn’t going away. By joining the movement, homeowners and residents can not only live well by enjoying a smart home but will participate in cultivating a smart life.


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