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Smart Home Communication Standards: Z-wave vs. Zigbee vs. Bluetooth vs. WiFi

Smart Home Communication Standards

If you’re shopping for your first smart home device, you need to start evaluating communications standards. You might have read about Zigbee versus Z-Wave, Z-Wave versus Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi compared to Bluetooth. You might have read about smart home interference issues, or security and privacy concerns. Here’s a list of the pros and cons to help you start your search…

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Top 10 Smart Home Trends for 2018

Each year, smart home technology and automation become more widely adopted, with manufacturers competing to bring innovations to market. With so many options, it can be difficult to predict which technology will endure and which is merely a passing fad. As we enter the second half of the year, here are 10 areas where we expect to see growth going…

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What Can You Do with a Smart Thermostat?

Smart thermostats have seen rapid adoption rates across the globe in the last few years, with many homes and businesses replacing viable traditional thermostats with higher-tech models. What’s causing so many people to shell out money on an improvement that isn’t preceded by a broken component? Perhaps it’s the fact that you can do so much more with a smart…

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The Smart Home Wave & Vacation Rental Management [Risks, Rewards & Action]

Smart Tech Is In The House There is a significant technology trend impacting the vacation rental market – the adoption of Smart Home technologies by homeowners and Vacation Rental Managers (VRMs). This blog tends to focus on nuances of this trend, but let’s step back and take a high-level view of this fast-paced trend; growth in the sector, the benefits and risks…

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The Smart Home Advantage: Keep Your Vacation Rental Homes with Smart Home Control

I worked in the vacation rental trenches for almost five years. During my VRM tenure, my focus was marketing. As every VRM knows, marketing means guests AND the elusive homeowners. The marketing strategy for guests can be relatively straight-forward – blog, ads, Google adWords, etc. The marketing strategy for homeowners is a completely different ball game. How do you reach…

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Smart Home as Competitive Differentiation for Vacation Rentals [Hobbs Realty Promotes Inventory-Wide Smart Home Installation with New Billboard]

In a previous post, I discussed the value of innovation from the perspective of the Harvard Business Review. Harvard Business Review: Take a Chance on Technology Innovation! It’s Worth the Risk. Here’s a quick reminder… By their nature, businesses tend to avoid risk. Once something “works,” we have a tendency stay the course. We stop looking for those awesome “hacks”…

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Anatomy of a Vacation Rental Smart Home: Automate Operations & Status Updates

I’ve chatted about the great benefits of enterprise smart home control for vacation rental operations a number of times. You can peruse a selection of posts below. However, I understand some of y’all may be more visual. So rather than my eloquent prose, let’s take a look at a 1 minute video that sums up the tremendous operational value smart…

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Professional VS. Consumer Grade Smart Home Control: System Architecture

The Eastern and Western VRMA Conferences were held a few weeks ago. If it’s been a while since you attended, I highly recommend the events. I’ve attended 10+ VRMA events over the years, and at this year’s “Regionals,” I witnessed a rare occurrence – standing-room only for a presentation. As the Chairperson of the VRMA Communications Committee, I’m excited to see…

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The WiFi (Dis)Advantage: Why Managed Connectivity MUST be Priority No. 1 for VRM Smart Home Control

I’ve discussed the great difference between WiFi and cellular smart home control a number of times. You can find a list of my ramblings below. The glaring difference between WiFi and cellular smart home is becoming increasingly evident. Connectivity = Customer Experience As I mentioned a few days ago, Lockitron recently dumped WiFi due to poor performance that directly impacted…

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