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Homes have evolved to become much more than just a roof over our heads. Tenants desire a refuge from the noise and pollution of day-to-day life. While you can’t control the outdoors, you certainly can help to control the air quality inside the property as part of your smart home system.

Indoor Air Quality is Far More Important Than Most Think

The Centers for Disease Control reports that one in 12 people suffer from asthma, a 28% increase from previous decades, and at the same time, rising temperatures are responsible for longer and more extreme allergy seasons. These combined factors mean that more and more renters are worried about the air they breathe and place a higher value on properties with clean air technologies. Moreover, millennials are more likely to own a dog or cat than any previous generation. So what should you do to prepare your property for modern renters?

IoT Enabled Smart Air Filters Make Clean Air a Breeze

Luckily the available solutions for property owners are easy, modern and convenient. There are two primary options to consider when improving the air quality in your property: portable or built-in.

  • Portable: Portable air filters are affordable and easy to find at local hardware stores and online retailers. They come in myriad sizes and styles, so don’t be afraid to get creative—you want potential renters to notice them, so choose units that match your property’s décor. However, you will need to make sure that they’re IoT-enabled so that they integrate with the rest of your smart home system.
    Most units utilize HEPA filters, which should be replaced once every three to six months, but don’t worry about remembering, because your smart home system will alert you when it’s time for a new filter.
    It’s also recommended that you include a portable air filter in each bedroom and in the most frequented communal spaces, like the living room. You’ll smell the difference in as little as a day and may just want to pick some up for your own home as well!
  • Built-in:  A more robust approach for owners who are also interested in increasing the value of their property is to install an air filtration system directly into the existing HVAC infrastructure. HVAC filtration systems come in more varieties than their portable counterparts, with the most affordable units using HEPA filters and the most expensive utilizing complex UV lamps. It’s best to consult with an HVAC specialist if you’d like to upgrade your property’s system. As you’d expect, most of the modern HVAC air filtration systems seamlessly integrate with your property’s smart thermostat, allowing the system to intelligently run based on outdoor and indoor air quality.

Either option will do a fantastic job at removing from the air particulate matter, allergens, pollutants and pet dander. Moreover, dangerous molds and unpleasant smells will also be scrubbed out of the air, leaving the property with a fresh scent every single day. Tenants and vacation renters will smell the difference, and your reviews will be sure to include your attention to detail!

PointCentral: Automation Solutions for Rental and Vacation Properties

At PointCentral, we build advanced smart home automation systems to enhance the safety, comfort, and well-being of homeowners—with a system that has all the features a tenant could want to feel healthy and secure. 

To learn about how your properties can benefit from the latest smart home technology, contact PointCentral for a free demo today.