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Whether you’re managing a vacation rental or a residential property, one thing is certain: modern-day renters prefer smart homes. Not only do connected devices make the initial move-in process easier, they also make day-to-day life more convenient. You’ll be happy to know that it’s easy to update your property to include IoT smart devices, so the return on your investment makes the upgrade a no-brainer.

Smart Starts on the Outside

Keeping the inside of your property safe and secure starts at the front door with a smart doorbell. These wirelessly connected doorbells come with built-in cameras that make your tenant feel more secure, protect deliveries left at the door, and make it easy to see and communicate with visitors.

In addition to a smart doorbell, you’ll also want to install smart locks. These internet-connected locks allow tenants to lock and unlock the door from their cellphones and are secured using encrypted Bluetooth connections. They also work with traditional metal keys. Smart locks make day-to-day life easier for long-term renters and make check-in a breeze for vacation property guests. As the owner or manager, you maintain complete control over who has access to your property and when.

Inside the Modern Smart Home

Upgrading the inside of your property is just as easy as upgrading the outside. Every modern smart home comes with a few staples that you’ll want to make sure you include. Not only do these features make managing the property easier, but they also can save a substantial amount in annual utility costs.

  • IoT LED Lightbulbs to reduce energy consumption and give your tenants full control of the lighting using a cellphone or smart house remote. The lights can also be scheduled, improving security when your property is between rentals. 
  • Smart Thermostats to optimize cooling and heating costs by adjusting to the weather report and sensing when people are home or away.
  • Connected air monitors to replace older carbon monoxide alarms. These monitors can also be connected to IoT-enabled air filters, ensuring that indoor air quality is kept to a healthy level.
  • Automatic window shades to be programmed to rise and fall with the sun and which can also be used along with your lights to help improve security when between renters. 
  • Smart Speakers to allow the entire smart system to be controlled by voice. Take things a step further by outfitting each room with its own speaker to create an intelligent and affordable home audio system that additionally controls the lights and window shades.
  • Smart Televisions to take advantage of the most up-to-date entertainment applications.

If the idea of connecting these systems is exciting, then consider taking things even further by also outfitting your kitchen with smart appliances. Every retailer now stocks connected refrigerators, toasters, and coffee makers, and while these items aren’t obligatory, they will definitely set your property apart from the competition. What’s cooler than being able to open the window shades, turn on the morning news and start a pot of coffee all without getting out of bed?

PointCentral: Automation Solutions for Rental and Vacation Properties

At PointCentral, we build advanced smart home automation systems to enhance the safety, comfort and well-being of rental properties—with a system that has all the features modern tenants look for.

To learn about how your properties can benefit from the latest smart home technology, contact PointCentral for a free demo today.