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The “Key” to Vacation Rental Safety? Give Keys to Everyone

Vacation rental safety keys

Yes, that headline might seem crazy. But that is what many VRMs are doing, albeit unintentionally. Let me explain how this is happening. Tech and PMS Systems Are Great for Guests and Property Owners With the explosion of private accommodations in recent years, comfort, convenience and safety are now part of guests’ standard expectation. Technology, such as modern PMS systems…

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VRM Emergency Preparation: Save Valuable Time & Resources with Smart Home Control

Emergency preparation is never easy. Tensions are high, and resources are low. Time is short, and the to-do list is long. Whether it’s flooding out west, snow in the mountains, or hurricanes on the east coast, we can all relate to the threats Mother Nature can send our way. Emergency prep takes center stage. Securing your home and making sure…

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Smart Home as Competitive Differentiation for Vacation Rentals [Hobbs Realty Promotes Inventory-Wide Smart Home Installation with New Billboard]

In a previous post, I discussed the value of innovation from the perspective of the Harvard Business Review. Harvard Business Review: Take a Chance on Technology Innovation! It’s Worth the Risk. Here’s a quick reminder… By their nature, businesses tend to avoid risk. Once something “works,” we have a tendency stay the course. We stop looking for those awesome “hacks”…

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Anatomy of a Vacation Rental Smart Home: Automate Operations & Status Updates

I’ve chatted about the great benefits of enterprise smart home control for vacation rental operations a number of times. You can peruse a selection of posts below. However, I understand some of y’all may be more visual. So rather than my eloquent prose, let’s take a look at a 1 minute video that sums up the tremendous operational value smart…

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2015 Smart Resolution: Take Control of ALL Your Homes

2015 is knocking on the proverbial door. Rather than looking back at the year that was (adios 2014!), let’s take this opportunity to tease out the BIG 2015 trend… Smart home control, smart automation, Internet of Things….whatever title you want to prescribe, it’s going to be GIANT. You can stay current on a plethora of articles predicting the (continued) explosion…

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Vacation Rental Smart Home Control Testimonial: Sunriver Resort

I’ve chatted about Sunriver Resort in a past post… Sunriver Resort  Improves Vacation Rental Management with Property Automation Sunriver was the very first VRM to leverage the power of smart home control for vacation rental management. Here’s a quick recap of how we got started… Sunriver is like our high school sweetheart. We’ve been “dating” for over a year, and now…

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