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It’s a great time to be a short-term rental property manager. ROI, nights booked, and average daily rates (ADR) are all up compared to 2019. The caveat is competition is higher than ever. Recent reports show available listings are 11% higher than before the pandemic. And on top of this, short-term rental property managers now face skyrocketing operational costs as bills reach new levels in the US energy crisis.

What does this mean for those running short-term rental businesses? Essentially, to stand out from the crowd, property managers must provide quality accommodation and service.

You may be thinking, but I have excess operational spending to combat, how can I improve my service right now? Home automation technology can streamline operations and energy efficiency for staffing and bill savings while improving the guest experience with tech tools for convenience and comfort. There’s no time like the present to get started.

Not sure what that would look like? Here are the top 3 ways automated technology, like PointCentral’s integrated platform, can help you stay ahead of the curve in these challenging times and reel in the rush of travelers looking to book a short-term rental just like yours.

3 reasons why you need PointCentral’s short-term rental tech

1. Improves operational efficiencies

With PointCentral’s home automation solution integrated into your property management system you’ll benefit from streamlined operations and therefore reduced costs. For example, property managers can counteract rising energy costs by monitoring property usage and addressing HVAC or water system issues before they escalate and cause damage. This can save you up to 23% on heating and cooling bills, plus HVAC maintenance spending, and that’s before considering water insurance and consumption savings.

You’ll also be able to reduce inefficiencies in the day-to-day business by optimizing your employees’ time. Automate processes such as checking in, staff communications, and more to avoid time wasted on repetitive tasks. This allows you to instead resource employee skills to tasks that make your business and service more efficient.

The big plus here is that you, the property manager, can save valuable time by being able to remotely manage your portfolio or properties from anywhere.

2. Protects property manager assets

Have peace of mind knowing our solution is reliable no matter the circumstance. We use a dedicated cellular connection with dual-path connectivity, secure LTE cellular connection, and backup ethernet, so you’ll always have access to your property’s data.

Monitoring technology, such as HVAC Management with a smart thermostat, Smart Water Valve+Meters, and noise monitoring, protect short-term rentals from property damage. Our technology is powered by a differentiated analytics engine, which uses billions of data points from millions of devices, for accurate predictive notifications. Stop parties in their tracks. Turn off your water supply before a pipe bursts. Fix an issue ahead of a system breakdown.

3. Provides next-level guest experience

Expectations from short-term rental guests are rising, creating an opportunity for property managers to separate themselves from the competition.  Convenient and home-like solutions, such as PointCentral’s smart lock powered keyless access technology, allowing guests to seamlessly check-in, come and go at their leisure during their stay, and check out without physical keys or staff interaction.

And if those benefits aren’t enough to convince you our software is the right choice for you, here’s why we believe so strongly in our technology and brand…

We’re not going anywhere

PointCentral is a wholly owned subsidiary of, a technology company with over 22 years of history and experience in the real estate industry. So, you can rest assured that you’d be investing in a product with long-term stability (and a company with decades of knowledge to share).

You’ll be supported every step of the way

We’ve got your back. Whether it’s onboarding, providing training in how to use your new tech integrations, or general day-to-day support – we have an award-winning US-based team available for our customers six days a week (Monday-Saturday).

PointCentral’s retrofit solution

PointCentral’s automated technology platform is integrated with over 30 leading property management systems (PMS), including TRACK, Streamline, Escapia, Ciirus, LiveRez, Barefoot, Virtual Resort Manager, Hostfully, and many more! With these integrations in place, property managers can easily and quickly set up our home solutions and start using them in the same platform they already know and love.

Why work with us? PointCentral’s fully-rounded home automation solution is perfect for property managers looking to give their short-term rental brand an edge in current challenging times. From cost-savings to asset protection, we’ve got you covered.

Want to become a partner? Talk with our team today.