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The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of keeping your rental property sanitized and secured, which makes now an excellent time to reevaluate your property’s hygienic and security practices. Our tips are designed to help you be a hygienic property owner and our smart home solutions will help bring your property into the modern age of security.

Sanitizing Tips for Rental Property Owners

Regardless of scale, all rental property owners are challenged with keeping their rental properties clean and sanitized. Now more than ever, renters are worried about the sanitization policies and processes carried out between renters. Once you’ve updated your cleaning methods, it’ll be easy to provide reassurances to your renters! Make sure to update your online presence to highlight all the changes you’ve made!

  • Increase the amount of time your rental properties sit idle. It’s not an ideal approach to managing your property, but until the COVID-19 pandemic passes, you’ll want to demonstrate that you’re taking this extra precaution.
  • Open windows to give your property fresh air. By airing out your property between renters, you greatly reduce the presence of stale airborne particulate matter.
  • Use heavier cleaners for all surfaces in the property including the floor. Opt for products that are explicitly designed to kill viruses or that contain bleach.
  • If possible, opt to use deeper steam cleanings on rugs and soft surfaces. 
  • Make sure towels and linens are washed on their hottest sanitation setting and use bleach when washing.
  • Keep extra cleaning supplies in your rental property so that renters can do any additional cleaning they may feel is necessary.
  • Use extended hot water cycles when running the dishwasher

While these steps aren’t the most eco-friendly, they are necessary. As the COVID-19 pandemic dissipates, you can start to phase out some of the more extreme practices. If your properties rely on additional cleaning staff, incorporate additional training exercises so that the staff is aware of what to do and why they’re doing it. You do not want to find out that employees cut corners when it comes to cleanliness and health!

Securing Your Property with Smart Tech

While you’re focused on improving your rental properties’ sanitization practices, it’s also a good time to consider your properties’ overall security. Security technology has come a long way in the digital age and smart home systems are the way of the future. The first thing you’ll want to update is your door locks and doorbell. Using IoT and Bluetooth enabled door locks gives you and your renters safer and simpler access to the property. Smart locks reduce the risk of a renter making a copy of your keys and saves property managers rekeying costs if keys are lost. Additionally, smart doorbells, with built-in cameras, allow you and your renters to see outside, communicate with visitors without opening the door, and helps monitor the property while no one is home. Take things a step further with an alarm system and an outdoor camera system.

It’s worth noting that these security features will likely lower your property’s insurance premium! However, the real value is that renters will feel safer and more secure when staying at your property.

PointCentral: Automation Solutions for Rental and Vacation Properties

At PointCentral we build advanced smart home automation systems to enhance the safety, comfort, and well-being of property owners. Our systems and services are designed to make your properties easier to manage and more cost-efficient!

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