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Summer 2021 is on everyone’s mind. And guests eyeing vacation rental properties will be keen to beat the season’s soaring temperatures with a refreshing swim in your temperature-controlled swimming pool.

It stands to reason that this might be a good time for short-term rental owners to consider an intelligent pool control solution.

At PointCentral we love looking at ways in which smart home automation can enhance the guest experience and drive efficiencies and convenience for property managers and owners. Beyond smart locks and HVAC systems, we also enable you to have absolute control over your pool and spa heating systems.

Read on, as we unpack the many benefits of upgrading your vacation rental’s water features with smart pool solutions this summer.

The best pool control solution for smart property managers

Attention, all property managers: if you wish to enjoy the convenience and cost savings of remote pool control from a single app, then PointCentral is your go-to option.

With our advanced pool control solution, RCS wireless Z-Wave pool controller (PSC30), property managers can reduce operational costs and save time spent on manually adjusting pool and spa heaters and pumps.

This vacation rental automation technology also enables owners to easily keep track of current water temperatures, remotely change set-points, and automate temperatures based on occupancy status. 

So, you can continue managing your pool, whirlpool, spa and sauna, from anywhere and at any time, from the convenience of your smartphone. This is perfect for the peak swimming season, when pools are constantly used by guests.

But, what’s so smart about a smart pool?

Short of teaching guests how to swim, smart pools can do a whole lot. They offer tremendous convenience and improved pool control efficiency that ensures that property managers have one less thing to worry about. Meanwhile, it impresses guests with its ‘high-tech‘ factor.

On that note, here are the top five features of smart pool control that make it a must-have for short-term rentals:  

  1. Offers real-time view of water temperature: It’s obviously not possible for property managers to regularly go to the pool and dip a thermometer in to check the temperature. With a smart control solution, the connected temperature sensors will automatically detect the temperature and update an easy-to-use user dashboard in real-time.  
  2. Enables remote turning on and off of heat: Summer days tend to be warm, while the nights are cooler. With a pool control technology, the heating is automatically switched on when the temperature dips below a pre-set threshold and then once the desired temperature is reached, it shuts it off on its own. Additionally, by not unnecessarily running the heating system all day, you also save on energy costs. 
  3. Adjusts temperature set-points for pool and spa independently: You don’t need to juggle multiple apps to manage the temperature set-points for each recreational water environment. Pool control technology lets property managers assign different  temperature thresholds for pools and spas, via a single app from the comfort of your home. 
  4. Automatically controls pool temperatures based on occupancy status: Property managers want to ensure that the pool is ready when guests arrive but also reduce energy costs when the property is vacant. To this end, smart pools can deliver. Connected locks and door sensors when synced with smart pool technologies will toggle the pool heating on and off whenever it detects the presence of guests within the property. Apart from improving pool efficiency, the pool control system also helps avoid costly repairs and maintenance of the heater.
  5. Notifies users when the temperature goes above or below a certain point: If the pool water becomes too hot or too cold, property owners need to be in the know so that they may bring the temperature down to normal. A pool control system notifies property managers the moment the pool temperature crosses the preset high and low temperature points. This information allows you to maintain the temperature of the pool water at a comfortable level, which in turn will guarantee guest delight.

Dive into the ultimate pool control experience

As the mercury shoots up, this summer, having a pool on your property may be one of the best ways to up your rental’s family-friendly appeal. But it can be a handful to maintain.

To take the stress out of it all, choose property automation technologies like smart pool solutions. 

PointCentral ensures that property managers have absolute remote control over the rental’s pool via an intuitive app, for added convenience, cost saving and energy efficiency. The result: the pool is ready. So jump right in.

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