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The benefits of property automation in the short-term rental industry are well documented: operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, asset protection, high standards of service delivery, the list goes on… The upshot of which is delighted guests and happy owners.

Property automation – traditionally the reserve of the big guys

But, up until now, property automation tools have largely been seen to be the reserve of medium and large enterprise-level property managers. Those with “under 25 doors”, or put another way, fewer than 25 units to manage, have been less likely to access the smart tech domain. In part, because the tech providers didn’t have bandwidth to service them, but also due to a lack of awareness amongst boutique level owners and managers about the tech capabilities available at their scale. 

Now, when you consider that there are 16,000+ small vacation rental managers operating in the US today*, each managing 1-19 short-term rental properties, it just doesn’t seem right that such a large proportion of property managers in our space are unable to access the services to enable them to do their job better.

Smaller inventories needn’t mean reduced access to property automation

That’s why PointCentral has set out to change this. In partnership with Helm Smart Home, we’ve launched a new e-commerce platform, Helm Rentals, to provide property automation solutions to short-term rental property managers with less than 25 doors. This means that vacation rental managers operating with smaller inventories, can now make use of our best-in-class property automation platform, including our award-winning support, add-on options and PMS integrations. And all at accessible prices to suit smaller budgets. 

So whether you’re a manager with 15 condos in Florida, 10 single family homes on the Outer Banks or 20 apartments in LA, you too can access property automation tools to help you operate more efficiently, driving down costs and ultimately providing a better experience for your guests.

Tech is levelling the playing field

The vacation rental marketplace has professionalised at pace over recent years, driven by an industry-wide aspiration to better service owners and guests. With so many players in this space now, the industry will only be able to continue along this trajectory by levelling up the playing field and affording small-scale property managers the same benefits that enterprise level managers have. Technology has the ability to do just that. With the right property automation tools in place, ambitious managers of any size and reach can improve the way they operate, ultimately delivering both real value to property owners and delight to guests. 

Smart property tech and automation tools will steer the future of short-term rental management – and we’re excited that it’s now more readily accessible to all ambitious property managers and owners, big or small.

For more information visit Helm Smart Home.


* Hostfully: The State of The U.S. Vacation Rental Industry in 2018