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‘Sustainability’ is not just the catchword of the decade for the hospitality industry. Arguably, it has become the sector’s absolute, singular truth. And vacation rentals are not immune to this imperative of creating a quality, green consumer experience. 

This explains why short-term rental businesses have been quick to adopt smart home automation. By boosting efficiencies in scheduling and maintenance, smart home tech allows for more sustainable property operations. Good examples of this are IoT connected air conditioning and gas fireplaces and LED lights linked to in-room sensors that help keep costs down while reducing energy waste. 

And the best part is that apart from limiting your establishment’s carbon footprint and operational costs, such green technologies exponentially improve guest experience.

The rise of green tourism

A whole new generation of eco-warriors are vacationing around the world. Their ideals (and share of wallet) are the driving force behind adoption of eco-friendly practices in the vacation rental industry. In fact, studies suggest that Gen-Z consumers are willing to pay an extra 10% for sustainable products, including smart tech-enabled short-term rentals. 

Therefore, for your business to stay competitive in 2021 and beyond, vacation rental automation is no longer simply a ‘nice to have’ or luxury. It’s a necessity. 

Efficiency, sustainability and property automation

The short-term rental marketplace is waking up to an era of smart sustainability solutions. By choosing smart home tech, you ensure that light, humidity and thermostat controls are literally at your fingertips (and that of guests). Not only does this mean that guests have absolute control over their room space, but also that owners can remotely help out with the settings in case of any confusion. This equals exceptional guest experiences and improved property operations.  

What’s more, the property automation technology empowers managers to rein in on excess operating costs – putting money back into your bottom line. 

Ultimately, smart home tech will help your business thrive, even in the midst of the current pandemic.  

Apart from climate control and automation, here are some of the popular smart technologies that are increasingly being adopted by green vacation rentals:

  1. Mobile tracking of energy usage and efficiency: Usage of on-premise hot water heater, bathroom fans, refrigerators, hot tubs and other home appliances can be monitored to keep utility bills and energy wastage at a minimum. They can also automatically switch off the appliances when the guest room is unoccupied.
  2. Predictive analytics for maintenance: If any in-room appliances are malfunctioning, the technology self-detects, diagnoses and alerts technicians so that it can be fixed. This ensures that the devices operate at peak efficiency. 
  3. Apps that offer guests information about public transport: Tourists hire cars to ferry them from attraction to attraction, which can be very polluting. But, apps that detail public transport options will reduce the guest’s and, in turn, your property’s carbon footprint.

The great sustainability comeback

It’s tempting to relegate sustainability issues to the background, especially considering there are more pressing concerns relating to the pandemic to be addressed. For one, today’s vacation-goers are cautious with their spending, even though they are highly aware about environmental impact. So, eco-friendly vacation rentals may find that currently being sustainable isn’t enough to draw in customers. Luckily, this is a temporary situation. Once tourism returns to pre-COVID-19 levels, sustainability is likely to influence travel decisions.

Therefore, ignoring the sustainability trend is not only environmentally irresponsible, it will also prove to be quite detrimental to your business in the long term. 

Final word

Still on the fence about securing green credentials for your rental with technology? You’ll find the most compelling argument in favor of smart home automation to be the dollar value of sustainability. The significant reduction in big energy costs of HVAC and lighting that intelligent automation and energy management platforms deliver is simply undeniable. 

Even if the initial costs of implementing smart home tech is a little overwhelming, remember that in one to three years you will enjoy incremental savings on the expenses in running your rental. At the very least, the technology will pay for itself.

Vacation rental automation is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment for the degree of efficiency,  cost saving, and personalized comfort to guests that it offers.

The great travel comeback is going to be green – and the short-term rental industry will be ready. Are you?