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The appetite for short-term rentals, amongst Gen Z and millennials, has skyrocketed this summer. And the trend shows no sign of letting up anytime soon, especially with Labor Day weekend around the corner. 

Demand for short-term rentals is on the rise primarily because there is a growing interest amongst work-from-anywhere travelers for longer, socially-distanced vacations. Added allure is that these properties are evolving to be smarter and more connected.

Smart tech, apart from its inherent coolness factor, has captured the imagination of travelers for the way it fundamentally changes the stay experience.

Read on to find out how vacation rental automation enhances the overall value of your property. 

Why the new-gen loves vacation rental automation

Much of the vacation booking decisions, for solo and intergenerational travel, are taken by the Millennial and Gen X travelers. And these cohorts, who consider technology as an extension of the self, are:

  • Champions of sustainability
  • Cost-conscious
  • Convenience-driven
  • Mobile-first
  • Mindful about hygiene and health (especially since the pandemic)

Best-in class property automation technologies check all these boxes, as property managers look to tap into the new wave of travelers.

In fact, connected technologies that were once a novelty are now considered basic utilities to turn short-term rentals into a ‘home away from home’. Our recent customer research even shows that the absence of basic vacation rental automation technologies creates a negative first-impression amongst guests.

Unpacking the smart home tech stack

A smart home is much more than just a voice assistant or remote controlled lighting. Almost every aspect of your short-term rentals can be upgraded to intelligently deliver a comfortable, convenient and secure environment for guests.

Here is a hand-picked suite of smart technologies that can be fully-integrated with each other, to offer a completely connected smart home experience. 

1. Automated check-in and checkout: The nation’s youngest set of travelers want to skip the queue when it comes to boring (but necessary) activities like check-in and check-out and go straight to the ‘fun’ parts of the vacation. Thankfully, you have technologies to cut short these time-consuming processes for your guests. 

Smart locks not only enable socially-distanced, paper-free, and rapid check-in/out but also eliminate worries about lost keys. Most top-of-the-line smart home technologies also ensure that paperwork (along with access codes) are sent over email and signed digitally. 

What’s more, you may program the smart card system to lock the doors and windows,  and turn on connected security systems, the moment the guest steps out. Security and peace of mind of the guest and property, guaranteed.

2. Smart temperature and lighting-control: Smart HVAC systems are capable of automatically identifying individual guest’s preferences and tweaking the in-room  temperature and humidity to suit. The thermostat can also be calibrated to automatically turn-off when no one is at home, and switch on before the guests check-in for that perfect in-room ambiance. 

And such systems enable guests to control the HVAC from their smart devices.

Ultimately, it allows guests to enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle by controlling their energy consumption and avoiding wastage, while ensuring heightened convenience and comfort. 

3. Touch-free cleaning: Now, more than ever before, travelers need their surroundings to be hygienic and clean. But, they also want to be socially-distanced from strangers (such as cleaning crews and inspectors) during the stay.

Thanks to keyless entry solutions, whenever the guests checkout or expressly request for house-keeping services, the cleaning team is alerted and granted short-term access to the property. 

Thus, the guest’s expectation for elevated cleanliness can be achieved, without infringing upon their personal space.


Smart tech – it’s the future of vacation rental property management. You need to get on board, or risk getting left behind.

Such solutions are especially critical when it comes to helping you service demand during high seasons. Therefore, choose carefully from a list of connected home automation systems such as security cameras, smart locks, lighting, and thermostats to build your unique tech stack. 

Together, this sophisticated suite of technologies will enable you to exceed guest experiences, while ensuring property operations are efficient and cost-effective.

As guests get ready for one last round of picnics, cookouts, and water activities, join the smart tech revolution to make your vacation rental listings stand out from the rest.