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4 in 10 renters have passed on a property because they didn’t have time to view it. Isn’t it maddening when a lead slips out of your hands?

Sure, virtual showings have soared in popularity owing to COVID-led social-distancing norms. But, most prospective renters still want to visit the property in person before they rent it. 

Enter PointCentral’s Unattended Showings solution for multifamily properties, allowing prospective renters to schedule convenient and hygienic self-guided tours at their own pace, using connected intercom and access control solutions. 

Meanwhile, you needn’t worry about the health hazards of face-to-face contact, lost lockbox keys, and lowered productivity of leasing agents due to no-shows.

What are unattended showings? And how do they work?

The Unattended Showings solution from PointCentral enables prospective renters to schedule self-tours at a time convenient for them, using a code that keeps all access secure and accountable. 

Here’s how the tech works: 

  • The prospective renter lands on your online listing and clicks on the self-tour option
  • They choose a date and time for the viewing that works best for them
  • They receive a temporary and unique lock code for your rental’s front door, while you receive an alert about the scheduled viewing
  • They arrive at the smart home and enter their unique code to view the property at their leisure
  • Post viewing, the door locks itself and the temporary pin is deleted
  • You receive a message to say that the property has been viewed
  • A message can be sent to the prospective renters after the viewing to collect feedback on the property or discuss next steps

And here’s the best part: This solution operates on the same property automation platform that you’re already using as a PointCentral customer. Which also means that you benefit from the following features:

  • Smart thermostats that keeps the vacant property at just the right temperature without wasting energy
  • Smart sensors that intelligently keep humidity in check and even detect leaks in the uninhabited home

And ultimately, once your multifamily rental is leased out, these technologies offer smart home services that add to your property’s allure.

Why multifamily property managers should consider unattended showings

If you want to build a strong pipeline of interested renters for your residential rental properties, invest in unattended showings. Here’s why: 

Some of the core benefits of our new and updated Unattended Showings solution are:

  • Increases showing hours and shortens vacancy periods, which ultimately delivers cost savings for the property owner. 
  • Allows prospective renters to visit a property at their own pace and at a convenient time. It takes care of mundane tasks like scheduling showings and driving to multifamily properties, allowing the agents to focus on their core job of closing the lease. 
  • Maintains COVID safety by allowing property managers to remotely schedule, monitor, and control the entire showing process.
  • Enables property managers to “self-serve” to meet their specific needs. With direct access to reporting, property managers can choose to receive a consolidated report on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. They also stay in-the-know and receive a notification when a prospect books a self-showing. 

Open more doors with smart tech

Without doubt, proptech solutions deliver huge benefits for both the property manager and the prospective tenant.

It’s no wonder this home automation technology is now a necessity rather than a luxury. 

PointCentral is excited to bring this solution to the rental market. We’re here to support property managers every step of the way. We’ll even integrate with leasing software such as Anyone Home, Tenant Turner, and ShowMojo to make it easier for you to remotely manage self-guided tours. 

Contact us for a free demo.