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Times have changed. Prospective resident tours of multifamily rental units and properties no longer require your team to be present. Only a few years ago this would have been unheard of. But, what started out as a necessary step during challenging times is now here to stay, and is very much in demand. This is because Self-Guided Tours bring a new level of convenience to portfolio operations (and interested parties!) 

No staff or operational hours needed? Prospective residents can book and view units seamlessly? It all sounds too good to be true. What are the drawbacks you ask? Of course, with a different process, different risks need addressing.

This is why the Self-Guided Tours solution has integrated technology, such as Community Access, for secure entry and CheckpointID for ID verification of interested bookers. 

What is Checkpoint ID and why do property managers need it?

1. Instantly vet prospective guests 

Say goodbye to turning away almost half of your rental’s interested parties. Goodbye to long scheduling processes, goodbye to back and forth messages with prospective residents in an attempt to arrange a tour, and goodbye to prospects struggling to find a time that is most convenient for them around your staff’s available working hours.

With the integrated solution, Checkpoint ID, supporting your Self-Guided Tour process, prospective residents can instantly book a suitable viewing slot. All they’ll need to do is upload an image of a government-issued ID and a portrait photo during the scheduling process. Once successfully passing the verification process, prospective residents will receive a confirmation notification including any necessary access codes to self-tour your rental. 

It’s as easy as that! No need for you to sift through documentation trying to spot fraudulent IDs. Simply let the advanced technology scan and compare resident identification against global databases. 

And, if that wasn’t impressive enough, the one-stop solution captures all the data you need to know about a prospective resident’s tour (date and time, their information, etc). So, if the same resident plans on viewing other rentals in your multifamily unit, they won’t need to go through the verification process again!

2. Supports scaling goals 

Our research shows that 60% of multifamily property managers either already have, plan to implement, or are interested in Self-Guided Tours. You too can confidently use this in-demand viewing solution with the support of the tech tool that seamlessly verifies prospective residents’ identification. 

No time is required from property managers as the process is automated, meaning you can invest this recovered resource into driving the success of your business. All the while, CheckpointID will be working behind the scenes to either instantly validate a prospective resident’s identity using the uploaded ID and photo, or, upon failure of this, will carry out a manual review process. 

So, sit back and relax, and let your tech stack do the grafting to scale your viewing potential (and in turn your occupancy levels). 

3. Secures multifamily properties 

The tech that has your back. Not only does this tech-powered verification process enable prospective residents to instantly book tours, and property managers to take a step back, but it also ensures your multifamily portfolio is secure. 

The integrated viewing solution adds another layer of security to the unassisted viewing process, by only authorizing ID-verified prospects to enter your buildings, so you can ensure your assets, staff and current residents are not put at risk. 

This added protection coupled with the security of Community Access solutions (that use smart locks and key codes) allows property managers to reach more prospective residents without compromising safety. 


Don’t let the risks of a new process hold you back. Innovative solutions like unassisted rental viewings have become more popular in recent months, and it has far too many benefits for property managers to ignore. 

Instead, rely on integrated technology to decrease these risks, so you can take full advantage of the new opportunities and potential a solution presents to your business. For example, there’s no need to worry about the safety of your current residents, on-site staff, or your multifamily rental property when using a trusted (and automatic) ID verification system like CheckpointID. 

What’s more, this software could give your viewing process the edge it needs to scale up and bring in more occupants. 

Ready to take the step into the future of prospective resident tours? Take our virtual tour