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Multi-tenant properties, such as condominiums and apartment buildings, typically use an intercom system to allow residents to communicate with and grant building entry to non-residents. 

Most intercom systems are still separate from smart home systems – with which many rental residential properties are now equipped. This inefficiency means residents have to use different access controls to use the intercom and manage their automated home system. 

Anybody who uses smart home technology will most likely find this disconnected approach tedious and bothersome. In fact, having an intercom system that is not integrated into the smart home system defeats the purpose of automating the home for improved efficiency. 

PointCentral’s Smart Home Solutions and ButterflyMX Smart Intercoms have joined forces. They’ve created the perfect fix for this gap with their seamless mobile integration.

How Does the ButterflyMX Mobile Integration with the PointCentral App Work?

The PointCentral app provides users with a cloud-based dashboard they can access on their phone, wherever they are, to manage their smart home system. The mobile integration with ButterflyMX adds control of the ButterflyMX smart intercoms to the PointCentral app’s tools.

To integrate ButterflyMX into the PointCentral app, users simply have to access the Intercom card in the PointCentral app and click on “Connect to Account.” They will then be prompted to log in to their ButterflyMX account.  

After mobile integration is completed, ButterflyMX’s video, two-way audio, and door access control will be made available within the PointCentral app. Users will receive a PointCentral push notification when a visitor calls them on the ButterflyMX intercom. A video call is launched when the notification is tapped (note that a video call can only be received, it cannot be initiated by the user). The visitor can also be buzzed in the front door within the video call. 

Residents can also buzz open the door for themselves when entering their building by using the Intercom card within the PointCentral app. Initiating the usual PointCentral smart home system controls through the app upon getting home becomes more convenient when switching from the intercom app is no longer required. 

Learn More About ButterflyMX’s Mobile Integration with PointCentral App

Ease of use is an integral part of any smart system, and so is its ease of integration with other smart systems. The app’s integration of ButterflyMX’s smart intercom tools succeeds in providing users with greater security and a more seamless experience.


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