Connected Intercom

Streamline community access for
smoother deliveries, secure self-tours,
and convenient resident and visitor access.

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A Frictionless Curb-to-couch Experience Starts at the Front Entrance

A connected intercom combined with smart keys plays a key role in a seamless and secure access experience. Curb-to-Couch is a universal access solution for multi-family complexes and other gated communities. It’s centered around smart digital keys that enable access from external gates, to apartment building lobbies, elevators, and individual homes or apartments. These keys may appear in some of the ways displayed below. With digital smart keys, property managers, residents, guests, and vendors can easily access secured entry points with any smart key made available to them, from the curb outside to the couch inside.

Smart Keys

Key Fob
Pin Code

Connected Retro

Upgrade your existing telephone-based intercom system into a connected intercom. Our unique software-only solution takes 5 minutes to set up . No hardware or installation required. Review audit trails of smart key usage, stored for 365 days. Deliver convenience to residents as on-demand services and deliveries are on the rise while boosting efficiencies for your staff and keeping your property secure.

Empower residents to create smart keys from their smartphone and share them out via email, so visitors can simply dial the unit and access code on arrival. No more wasting time coordinating entry with a secure and convenient approach to access.

Additionally residents can:

  • Revoke smart keys at any time from the mobile app
  • Get notified via email when the smart key is used
  • Be able to see the history of who’s used their smart keys
Upgrade your existing telephone-based intercom system into a connected intercom
ButterflyMX Connected Retro two way video
ButterflyMX Integration Small Logo

We’ve partnered with ButterflyMX, a multi-family smart intercom platform! ButterflyMX expands upon the smart keys available from just codes in Connected Retro to two-way video and app control. Now, residents can receive video calls, talk with visitors and buzz open the front door all from within the same app they use to manage their smart home. Boost resident satisfaction with seamless access while keeping your community secure.

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Modernize Your Intercom To Benefit Everyone In Your Community

Property Managers

Stand out with a smart apartment experience

Audit trail reduces liability

Provide frictionless and secure access to buildings


Grant access to visitors right from your smartphone

Use a single code to grant access into front door and residence

Stay safe with timed access codes

Staff, Guest, Vendors

Enjoy simple entry instructions with a single code

No more waiting around to gain access

How Our Connected Intercoms Work

Connected Retro

Step 1

Manager or resident creates a smart key (a pin code, login or credential) using PointCentral

Step 2

Smart key is synced across intercom, unit lock, and other access points

Step 3

Visitors use the same smart key for secured access through every door