Connected intercoms for multi-family properties provide a single solution for community, building and unit level access via a digital key. Our innovative retrofit solution provides a simple way to upgrade any existing intercom into a connected intercom. This provides a more secure and more convenient way to grant digital keys to smart apartments which means safer, more convenient living for residents and greater efficiency and asset protection for operators and owners.

Digital Keys

Key Fob
Pin Code

Why Smart Intercoms?

Property Managers

Differentiated smart apartment experience with an easy retrofit product

Audit Trail Reduces Liability

Allows for frictionless and secure package and service delivery through front door


Simple way to grant access to guests and service providers right from your mobile device contacts

One single code grants access into front door and residence

Expiring codes make sure only the right people should be accessing a proprety at the right time, creating a safer living environment

Staff, Guest, Vendors

Simple Entry Instructions with a single code

No More Waiting for Entry

How our Smart Intercom works?

Step 1

Manager or resident creates a digital key (a pin code, login or credential) using PointCentral

Step 2

Digital key is synced across intercom, unit lock, and other access points

Step 3

Visitors use the same digital key for secured access through every door