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We live in a constantly changing world, and today’s renters are younger and more technology-driven than ever before. They grew up with the internet at their fingertips and they want their surroundings to be just as innovative as the world they inhabit. I’m mainly talking about millennials, the world’s largest generation. Millennials—and, trust me, because I am one—are more likely to rent than any previous generation and are most likely to spend more on housing than any other item in their budget. So, how do you make sure that your property is not left behind in this changing world? Simply upgrade your property with a smart system! 

More Features Means More Fun

Millennials are discerning renters armed with powerful apps that allow them to evaluate and review properties with military precision—satellite view included. That means you must be creative in order to stick out from the competition. Equipping your property with Internet of Things (IoT)-connected features controlled by a smart hub is one of the most cost-effective ways to set your property apart.

Modern renters want to be able to control their homes and appliances from their cellphones and through voice activation. Things like blinds, lights, garages and doors are expected to be internet-connected (see our article on what smart home devices to install in your property). Millennials want their refrigerators to be able to take notes and their lights to be on timers. Before you brush off all this technology as just a fad, you should know that smart home systems are not only one of the most affordable upgrades you can make, but also save owners on annual utility costs. 

Environmental Consciousness Matters

You already know that millennials are glued to the internet, and you probably also know that they’re concerned with protecting the environment. It follows that millennials want their homes and vacation rentals to be environmentally conscious as well. But what do smart homes and the environment have in common? A lot, actually! 

Smart lightbulbs, thermostats and window shades all save on electricity and cooling/heating costs. A recent study showed that installing just a few IoT smart devices can reduce energy consumption by 10%.

Millennials Like to Cook 

Contrary to common belief, millennials like to cook at home. You probably already know that large, open kitchens are a popular style for today’s new builds, but you can update your kitchen without knocking down any walls by simply equipping it with smart kitchen appliances. Everything from coffee makers to water spigots (they save water too!) come IoT-enabled and integrate seamlessly with your smart house hub. By creating a modern smart home network you will be sure to attract millennial renters and be guaranteed glowing reviews. 

If you’re ready to upgrade your property without the need for a demolition team then consider us your personal smart home helper. To learn about how together we can upgrade your property to a smart home, please reach out to us at PointCentral for a free demo.