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Managing a single property requires a great deal of time and attention to detail. You need to watch for leaky faucets, pipe-freezing temperatures, HVAC maintenance issues and a whole lot more. Moreover, if you spot a problem, it requires even more time to meet repair people at your home.

A smart home system can relieve many of these burdens, but how? What makes smart home systems “smart”? And, how do they assist homeowners and vacation property managers? The answer is automation. A smart home system saves time, money and headaches by automating the following aspects of property maintenance.

Keyless Entry Automation 

Whether you’re a family with several children—who constantly lose their keys—or a vacation property manager who needs to give guests physical keys on a daily basis, managing keys can be time-consuming.

A smart home automation system from PointCentral eliminates all key-related burdens by using keyless smart locks that use keycodes instead of physical keys. A smart lock allows you to issue new or temporary codes for guests and maintenance personnel. Plus, you can lock and unlock doors remotely from a smartphone.

For vacation rental property owners, keyless entry systems offer an easy way to coordinate workflows for turning over properties after guests depart—allowing your cleaning, repair and property inspectors to enter and exit units with a touch of a button. For homeowners, a smart lock means that you’ll never have to worry about children or family getting locked out of your home again.

Smart Thermostats and Smart HVAC Automation

There’s little worse for your energy bill than a guest, family member or property renter leaving the AC on full-blast for days at a time, but it happens all the time. A smart thermostat and smart HVAC system can stop this waste of energy while providing a host of additional benefits:

  • Automatic AC cutoff: Many smart HVAC systems automatically cut the AC and heating if windows and doors are left ajar for extended periods.
  • Automatic energy-saving adjustments: A smart thermostat saves money by monitoring daily HVAC usage and adjusting itself for more energy-efficient heating and cooling.
  • Remote thermostat adjustments: Property managers and homeowners can adjust their thermostats in properties remotely.
  • HVAC maintenance alerts: A smart HVAC system sends alerts when there’s a problem that needs repair. This allows you to address minor maintenance concerns before they grow into more expensive problems.

Smart Water Meter Automation

A smart water valve and water meter can avert serious water leak disasters, notify you of leaky faucets, pipes and toilets, and help you monitor water use in your home or properties. These systems keep constant track of water flows, offering you regular usage reports and statistics. More importantly, if a water leak occurs when no one is there, your smart water valve automatically cuts off the flow to prevent serious property damage. 

Vacation Rental Property Automation

Smart vacation property automation from PointCentral offers countless benefits to vacation rental property managers by automating property maintenance tasks, unit turnovers and employee workflows. These systems feature:

  • A centralized online dashboard for tracking property status: From a central dashboard, property managers can view the real-time occupancy status of all their properties from a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Automated workflow routines: A well-planned property automation system sends automatic notifications to cleaning and turnover staff after guests check out, alerts property inspectors after the cleaning staff computer their tasks, and identifies units as check-in ready once the inspection is complete.
  • Automatic notifications sent to guests: Guests receive automatic notifications by text or email as soon as their property is ready for check-in. This is helpful for guests who arrive early, as they can receive their keycode by text and won’t have to wait for someone to provide a physical key.
  • Automatic thermostat control: Smart thermostat features can adjust the thermostat to comfortable levels when guests check-in, and return the thermostat to energy-saving levels after checkout.

PointCentral: Discover the Many Benefits of Smart Home Automation

If you’d like to discover how smart home automation systems from PointCentral can benefit your unique property management concerns, we invite you to explore the PointCentral website now.