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Which was louder over the holiday season, the jingle of Santa’s sleigh bells or the sound of you collecting loose change to pay for your winter heating bills? The cold weather was still as freezing as ever this February, and by now, you’ve probably seen how those sub-zero temperatures are pushing your energy bills into a zone that’s difficult – or at least painful – to afford.

What if you could do something simple to lower these costs? In this article, we’ll look at how you can save money on energy this winter by installing a smart thermostat. 

Why You Should Install a Smart Thermostat This Winter

At PointCentral, the smart homes and smart property systems we design come equipped with extremely efficient, ENERGY STAR® certified Smart Thermostats from The reason we use these devices is simple: They quickly pay for themselves by saving you a tremendous amount of money on your winter energy bills. In fact, a smart thermostat can reduce your winter heating bill by approximately 9-16% (savings vary based on heating requirements), yet the smart thermostat itself only costs about $150. 

On the outside, the smart thermostats we use in PointCentral smart homes are sleek, stylish, and elegant. On the inside, they harness the power of sophisticated cloud-based technology and real-time data analytics from a vast network of similarly connected thermostats. By analyzing information from the local environment and understanding the routines of users, a smart thermostat system from PointCentral is constantly looking for new ways to save you money on heating and cooling – all without negatively affecting your comfort levels. 

Here are several ways that a smart thermostat system from PointCentral monitors your behavior to boost heating efficiency during the winter months:

  • Follows the geographic locations of home residents so the thermostat can adjust itself to energy-efficiency mode when no one is near the home.  
  • After detecting an open window or door, the thermostat will adjust itself and send an alert to the homeowner to prevent energy waste.
  • The thermostat responds to extreme temperatures by adjusting itself for maximum energy efficiency on extremely cold days. 

In a PointCentral smart home, the smart thermostat connects to the PointCentral Smart Hub which allows it to connect with data from the other devices around the home. This offers greater responsiveness to user behavior. For example, you can set your smart thermostat to automatically adjust as soon as you arm or disarm the home security system. This ensures that you’re only heating your home when you’re home – not when you’re away. You can also program smart routines where tapping a single setting on your smartphone commands specific temperature, lighting, security, and other adjustments around your home. 

Learn More About Energy-Saving Smart Technology from PointCentral

If you’re committed to saving money on heating this holiday season, you might want to get in touch with the PointCentral team to talk about the energy-saving benefits of smart home thermostats combined with additional smart home technology. With the money-saving benefits of a PointCentral smart home system, you can be sure that the jingle-jangle you’re hearing is Santa and not the loose change you need to pay for high winter heating bills!