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The world of multifamily living is evolving, and self-guided tours (SGT) are leading the way as a game-changing innovation.  Prospective tenants are seeking an easier and more convenient way to tour properties at their own convenience. Gone are the days of rigid schedules and time-consuming property viewings. Today’s renters crave flexibility and control over their apartment-hunting experience. That’s where SGTs come in.   

Here, we will delve into the world of self-guided tours and explore how they can revolutionize your leasing processes. By providing a more convenient and flexible way for individuals to tour your properties, you’re meeting renters’ needs head-on and differentiating yourself from the competition. From unparalleled convenience for prospective residents to creating more efficient systems for your leasing team, let’s uncover the multitude of benefits self-guided tours bring to the table and why it’s solidified their place as an essential tool in the leasing journey. 

What is SGT?

Self-guided tours refer to technology-driven solutions that enable prospective residents to tour a potential apartment unit without the need for a leasing agent or staff member to accompany them physically. These innovative tools leverage various technologies to enhance the leasing process, providing convenience, flexibility, and a personalized experience for potential tenants while raising the efficiency of tours organized by the leasing staff through a safe and secure solution.  

How Does SGT Work?

Typically, self-guided tours start with an online platform or mobile application that allows prospective residents to schedule a tour at their preferred time slot. The platform provides access codes or digital keys to unlock the apartment unit, ensuring secure and controlled access through technology that verifies the prospect’s identity in a thorough vetting process. Upon arrival, the prospective tenant can use the provided access method to enter the unit and amenity/community spaces – exploring at their own pace.  

Why SGT?


By making the touring process clear, accessible, and easy for prospective residents, property managers streamline the leasing experience. This ensures fewer bottlenecks as they can schedule tours at their preferred time and explore the unit without any delays. This provides a leasing journey that aligns with the modern renter’s preferences. 

Prospective residents can book the most convenient time for them on their terms through the autonomy provided by self-guided tours. This increased control not only enhances the overall experience but also has the potential to expedite the leasing process and reduce the vacancy period. With more options to tour the property sooner, prospective residents can make informed decisions and secure their ideal living space more efficiently. 


Self-guided tours prioritize safety for property managers by incorporating ID verification checks for individuals requesting a tour. This allows property managers to verify the identity of potential tenants, ensuring that only authorized individuals enter the premises, reducing the risk of potential security breaches. Identity background checks help establish a secure and controlled environment, providing peace of mind for both property managers and existing tenants.  

With this additional layer of safety, property managers can confidently offer self-guided tours without sacrificing security, knowing that they have taken proactive measures to safeguard their properties and the well-being of everyone involved. This combination of flexibility and safety enhances the overall touring experience and establishes a sense of trust and reliability in the property management process. 

Access codes are an additional safety feature property managers can implement with Self-Guided Tours. Codes granted to prospective residents grant them access only during their specified showing time and are automatically deactivated once the tour concludes. Powered by smart locks, the system has the capability to auto-relock after a designated time ensuring the safety of the community and the security of the rental unit. 


SGT technology enhances efficiency in the leasing process. Property managers can accommodate a larger volume of tours as there is no longer a need for leasing agents to be physically present during each visit. This efficiency allows property managers to streamline the process and strategically reallocate valuable human resources to high-impact tasks that drive revenue and enhance the resident experience.  This could include building strong relationships with residents, addressing inquiries promptly, or delivering exceptional customer service. 

The strategic shift leads to higher levels of productivity across the board, as team members can focus on tasks that make a difference in attracting and retaining residents. The proactive approach ensures that the community operates at its fullest potential while reducing unnecessary expenses and enhances tenant satisfaction. 

PointCentral SGT New Features

PointCentral’s Self-Guided Tours solution offers a unified, modern, and secure way to tour. Quick Filters allow property managers to filter through their list of PointCentral users faster and with ease anytime they log in. You’ll be able to create and save quick filters based on PIN Status, Access Type, User Type and more. This enhancement will especially benefit larger communities with 100’s to 1000’s of users, including residents, visitors, vendors, and staff.  

The Tour Now feature improves the touring experience for prospective residents who want to tour on a whim. Units that are still available to tour during the time the prospect is viewing the scheduling webpage now have a “Tour Now” button instead of “Book Tour”, to encourage them to take the tour. Once a self-tour is booked, the next available time slot is automatically made unavailable to ensure prospective residents viewings don’t overlap.  

With the Community Listings Link and Page feature, property managers can now create a single community link (a custom URL) for all currently listed units in a community and add to their marketing websites – one time. As a result, prospective residents will be able to view all community listings available to tour, on one webpage, and anytime property managers list or de-list units, the listings will update automatically.  

For more information on how PointCentral’s Self-Guided Tours solution can turn happy prospects into even happier residents, visit our SGT solutions page.