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Have you ever wondered if there’s a more efficient way to manage access at your multifamily properties? Could well-managed access improve security in your communities? Are you spending too much time visiting your properties for minor issues?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you probably need a property automation platform with a fully-integrated  Community Access solution.

Community Access is a scalable and cloud-based solution that enables secure and streamlined access. From intercoms and perimeter entrances to common areas and the resident’s unit, Community Access ensures secure and convenient access for all who work and live in multifamily properties or who might be visiting. Here’s why you need it in your properties…

3 benefits of PointCentral’s Community Access solution

1. Streamlines property management

Leave behind time-consuming practices and instead replace them with efficient automated alternatives, with this industry-leading software.

Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing keys or rekeying locks. Increase flexibility with more in-person tours. And the best part? You have a single platform to manage IoT devices and access at one or all of your communities.

2. Takes security to the next level

When you remove physical keys from the equation, you also remove a lot of problems, especially in multifamily communities with multiple entry points and common areas. You can create customized access plans for different user types, such as a maintenance technician or a resident. This makes it easy to restrict access, prevent unauthorized visitors, and stay aware of who has access to which parts of your community.

The IoT-connected solution is accessible via an app wherever you are. So, whether you manage five properties or have a larger portfolio you’ll no longer have to stress about the safety of your assets.

The whole-community access control solution includes options to integrate with the ButterflyMX video intercom, enabling residents to talk to and see guests for identity verification, maximizing security even further.

3. Opens doors to untapped potential

Community Access can also help property managers increase rental appeal. How can an access control feature untap revenue potential? It’s simple really, the feature opens more doors for prospective residents (literally as well as figuratively).

Stop turning away 40% of potential residents by restricting appointments! Lookers are more likely to convert into bookers when they can quickly arrange a suitable time to tour a property.

With Self-Guided Tours prospective guests can simply book a time slot (a process you’ll no longer need to be involved in) and access the rental with an automatically created temporary code sent via text.

What’s more, you can create a Self-Guided Tour Access Plan, which remembers the tailored access given to a prospective resident (such as to the vacant unit and common areas), so next time someone books a tour they’ll automatically gain the same access.

New feature: Community Access for visitors

With Community Access, you can also improve the resident experience. Now, it’s even easier (while remaining secure) for residents to create and share access codes with their visitors for building entrances and communal areas, using the same app they use to manage their smart residence. All while, you remain in complete control since you can customize an access plan specifically for residents’ visitors.

3 examples of how Community Access for visitors works

Imagine one of your multifamily rental properties…

Scenario one: Meet Sarah, a resident in one of your multifamily rental apartments. Sarah has a dog called Winston. She’s hired Tegan to walk Winston every day at lunch while she’s at work.

With Community Access, Sarah doesn’t have to worry about the safety of her apartment. Instead, through the platform’s app, Sarah can easily create a smart access code for Tegan to enter the building’s entrance and her personal residence on weekdays between 11am and 1pm. This means Tegan is only able to access the building when she is supposed to be there.

What’s more, the app will let Sarah know through an automated notification when Tegan arrives: “My apartment: Tegan unlocked the front door at 11:07am” so she can be sure Winston has been walked.

Scenario two: A resident has a delivery scheduled between 1-3pm today. They’re not going to be home to let the delivery personnel into the property.

Rather than putting the whole building at risk, PointCentral allows users to create unique access codes that can only be used during allotted time slots. Based on the access plan you customize, your resident is able to grant the delivery personnel access to the perimeter and the mailroom, so they can efficiently deliver the package.

Scenario three: A prospective resident has booked a tour of a unit in your multifamily building online. Since the Self-Guided Tour solution is integrated with the Community Access software, the prospective resident will receive time-sensitive access codes once their identity has been verified. These codes will grant them access to the vacant unit, common areas like a laundry room, and other perimeter entry points such as the front entrance.

They are now set to tour the vacant unit and common areas of the building without needing assistance from a leasing agent or the onsite team, and without compromising the safety of your community.

Prospective residents have grown to love Self-Guided Tours when looking for their next apartment. Plus, the touring solution allows property managers to cut unnecessary operational costs, and as tech is in such high demand there’s even the opportunity to up the leasing rates.